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Online Records[edit | edit source]

Passenger Lists[edit | edit source]

Passports[edit | edit source]

  • Immigrant Ancestors Project Index of emigration documents created shortly before individuals emigrated to another country.
  • Portugal, Azores Passports Passports issued from the Azores. To view the records, select the archive (núcleo) holding the records for the island in question.
    • Angra do Heroismo contains records for Terceira, Sao Jorge & Graciosa.
    • Horta contains records for Pico Faial, Flores & Corvo.
    • Ponta Delgada contains records for Sao Miguel & Santa Maria.

Immigration/Emigration (Imigração/Emigração)[edit | edit source]

Historically, Portugal has one of the highest emigration rates in the world. The trend reaches back to the 15th century, when Portugal began overseas exploration and colonization. Many Portuguese individuals moved to colonies in Africa, South America, and Pacific archipelagos. In the twentieth century, a large number also settled across the United States, drawn by the shipping trade in New England, California, and Hawaii.

Ship passenger lists, passport registers, emigration proceedings, citizenship papers, registration of foreigners, and similar migration documents can prove a vital link in tracing an individual back to Portugal. Such records may contain the individual's full name, age, civil status, birthplace, former residence, destination, and sometimes race or nationality. They are contained in the National and District Archives, and some have been digitized. [1][2]

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References[edit | edit source]

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