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Population Registers 1941

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The 1941 mantalslängder for most parts of Sweden have been digitized by ArkivDigital and can be searched as part of the parish collection. ArkivDigital calls these records the population registers and lists them after the church book collections with other miscellaneous records pertaining to the parish (towards the bottom or end).

By 1941 Sweden had forms that were used to record the tax information and a wealth of information was recorded in them as shown by the column headings. They are a great help in doing research in the 1900’s.

The population registers were arranged by village/farm or by quarter/number. They are not available at other subscription websites or at the Family History Library and the FamilySearch Centers.

Population Registers 1941 column headings

Hemmans eller lägenhets Homestead or apartment
Jordeboks- och jordregisternamn Land Record and Land registry name
Jordeboksnummer Land Record number
Jordregisternummer Land registry number
Mantal Assessment for land
Mantal å hela hemmanet Size assessment for entire farm
Mantal å brukningsdelen Size assessment for farm divisions
Beteckning för ägare eller brukare Indication if owner or renter
Titel eller yrke Title or occupation
Namn Name
Födelseår och dag Birth year and day
Personers Födelseort (församling) The person’s place of birth (parish)
Civilstånd Marital status
Närmast föregående mantalsskrivningsort om nyinflyttade (inflyttad från) The most recent place recorded were taxes were paid if recently moved in (moved in from)
Bostad och postadress Residential and postal address
Uppgiftsnummer Information number
Antal mantalsskrivna personer Number of person taxed
Mankön Males
Kvinnkön Females
Summa Total
Antal under hela året sysselsatta arbetare Number of workers employed for the whole year
Sammanlagd beräknad arbetstid för all under del av året sysselsatt arbetskraft Total estimated hours for all employed for part of the year
Anteckningar Notes
Värnpliktiga Liability to military service
Inskrivningsskyldiga Conscription duty
Värnpliktsförhållandet ej med säkerhet utrönt Military circumstances not ascertained with certainty