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A gazetteer is a geographical dictionary or index. Depending on the gazetteer, It may contain information about locations:

  • their jurisdictions (voivoideship, powiat, county, province, etc.)
  • location of civil registration offices (for birth, marriage, and death certificate
  • parish churches or synagogues
  • population numbers
  • postal facilities
  • communication facilities (telephone, telegraph, and so on)
  • local commerce, agriculture, manufacturing works, canals, docks, and railroad stations
  • schools, colleges, and universities

Gazetteers are specific to time and geographical region.

Poland 1815-1918.png

Gazetteers are produced to cover a country generally, and cover the locations as of the date they are published. Poland's boundaries frequently changed as different parts of Poland came under the control of various countries, usually Prussia, Russia, and Austria. Names of towns can change to the language of the controlling country. This map shows arguably the longest lasting partition of Poland--from the end of the Napoleonic wars to the World Wars (1815-1918/1945). The gazetteers shown in this article are organized by these regions, and then by post-World War, and modern times.

Online Gazetteers

Prussian Poland

These gazetteers deal with the parts of modern Poland that were under the Prussia before World War I: Brandenburg, East Prussia (Ostpreussen), Posen, Pomerania (Pommern), Silesia (Schlesien), and West Prussia (Westpreussen).

Meyer's 1871 Gazetteer

"StdA." gives civil registration office.
"kath.Pfk." means there is a Catholic parish seated here. MeyersGaz.png

Kartenmeister, 1905

Kartenmeister entry.png

Gemeindelexikon für das Königreich Preußen

Prussia gazetteer.png

Russian Poland

Some important gazetteers for this region are only available off-line. Use the gazetteers in the Republic of Poland (1918-1939) section for identifying locations in this area.

  • 1929 Polish Business Directory - Town Index ,An index to more than 34,000 locations in inter-war Poland, with links to directory pages for each city, town and village.

Austrian Poland

The Austrian partition was called Galizien in German and Galicia in English.

Republic of Poland (1918-1939)

Skorowidz Gazetteer

Lists type of location (city, town, village, settlement, etc.), jurisdictions, and church parishes. Instruction, Activity, Answer Key
Skorowidz gazetteer.png

This gazetteer uses the Voivodeships (Provinces) in place in the Administrative division of the Polish People's Republic, under the section "Poland's voivodeships 1975-98 (49 voivodeships". You will need to use the map in that article to compare it to the more modern maps and determine the current and 1967 voivodeship.

Słownik Gazetteer

Lists detailed physical descriptions, population, jurisdictions, and location of parishes.

Modern Poland

Spis Gazetteer

Lists jurisdictions. location of civil registration offices. Spis Gazetteer of Poland Wiki Article, gives abbreviations.

Translated Headings for Spis Gazetteer
Nazwa i rodzaj miejscowości Gromada (osiedle-osied.) (miasto-m.) Siedziba PRN Województwo Poczta Stacja, przystanek kolejowy Urząd stanu cywilnego
Name and type of locality Next larger admini-strative unit County Seat Province Post Office Railroad Station Vital Records Office

Mapa Szukacz

Mapa.Szukacz--in addition to the map, this infobox appears.

Śląsk /Silesia / Schlesien

Whole Schlesien:
1845 - Alphabetisch-statistisch- topographische Uebersicht der Dörfer, Flecken, Städte und andern Orte der Königl. Preuss. Provinz Schlesien
1876 - Handbuch für die Provinz Schlesien
1885 - Gemeindelexikon für die Provinz Schlesien
1901 - Schlesisches Ortschafts-Verzeichniß
1941 - Schlesisches Ortschaftsverzeichniss

Opole / Oppeln area:
1860 - Ortschafts- und Entfernungs-Tabelle des Regierungsbezirks Oppeln
1886 - Ortschafts- und Entfernungs-Tabelle des Regierungsbezirks Oppeln

Additional Gazetteers at the FamilySearch Library

Russian Poland

The two gazetteers cover some of the Russian partition.

Austrian Poland

  • Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia: includes the location of the Catholic parish andGreek Catholic, Lutheran, and Jewish congregations. Written in Polish, German, and Ukrainian.
  • RGN (Russisches Geographisches Namenbuch): Compiled after World War II, based on the Spiski Gazetteer below. written in Russian, German, and Polish. Instruction, Activity, Answer Key
  • Gemeindelexikon Der Im Reichsrate Vertretenen Königreiche and Länder. V. 12 (1900)
    FHL book 943.6 E5g. based on the 1900 census of Austria-Hungary; arranged by district with an index of both German and non-German versions of place-names. Between the main text and the index is an appendix which indicates the location of the church vital records office.

Prussian Poland

  • Gemeindelexikon für das Königreich Preußen. Königlichen Statistischen Landesamts. Ostpreussen, Westpreussen, Brandenburg, Posen, Schlesien, Pommern. (6 volumes) (1907).
    FHL book 943 E5kp
    This set of gazetteers has volumes for each of the Prussian provinces arranged by Kreis (district) with an index at the end.
  • Alphabetisches Ortsnamenverzeichnis der Deutschen Ostgebiete unter fremder Verwaltung, Band 11. V. 1. 1955]

Various Gazetteers Book List

  • Wykaz urzędowych nazw miejscowści w Polsce. V. 1. (FHL book 943.8 E5wu.)
  • Roman Catholic parishes in the Polish People's Republic in 1984. Lidia Müllerowa, Chicago, Illinois. 1995. FHL book 943.8 K24m
  • Jewish Roots in Poland. Miriam Weiner, Secaucus, New Jersey. 1997. FHL book 943.8 F2wm. A listing of Jewish archival holdings.
  • Oficjalny Spis Pocztowych Numerów Adresowych, Warszawa 1993.' 'FHL book 943.8 E80. Polish Postal Guide.
  • The 1929 Polish Business Directory Project - Town Index, An index to more than 34,000 locations in inter-war Poland, with links to directory pages for each city, town and village.