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United States
Weber County
Pleasant View

Quick History

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Nestled at the base of Mount Ben Lomond in northern Weber County, for many years Pleasant View was a considered part of North Ogden. Located just west of North Ogden it has been known under several different names over years such as: the West End, the West District, Stringtown, Hot Springs, out West and finally became known as Pleasant View. [1] The pioneers found a large patch of beautiful tall straight trees that were suitable for log cabins. They called this area "Pole Patch". A stage coach station was in operation from 1860-1800 it served the Ben Holladay's Overland Lines which was purchased by Wells-Fargo. [2] Meals were served, horses fed and repairs made at this stage coach station.
The Ute Indians would make a yearly travel stop in the area, dotting the mountain side with their wickiups. The Ute tribe of Indians, led by their chieftain Tobe, used the Hot Springs for medicinal purposes. A Hot Springs resort, that included a 40 room hotel, hot spring bathing and a dance hall once received visitors in the northwestern corner of Pleasant View. [3] Settled in 1851, Pleasant View was incorporated in 1945.

City Hall

Pleasant View City
520 West Elberta Drive
Pleasant View, UT 84414

Neighboring Communities

North Ogden | Harrisville | Farr West | Willard


Biography & Genealogies


Pleasant View does not have a cemetery within it's boundaries. The nearby cemeteries are located in North Ogden or Ogden.

Church History and Records

  • Pleasant View Ward (Ogden Stake), set off from North Ogden Ward
  • Record of members, 1882-1922, 1939-1941 [5]
  • Form E (annual genealogical report) 1882-1940 [6]

Land and Property



Historical Newspapers

Societies, Museums and Libraries

Ogden Pioneer Museum.jpg
  • Stewart Library ~ Weber State University
    3750 Harrison Blvd.
    Ogden, Utah

Suggested Reading

  • Historical Pleasant View [7]
  • History of Weber County [8]

Vital Records

Birth Records

Marriage Records

Death Records


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