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Known Issues

NOTE: For a way to determine what digital records are likely to be found within a collection or how to find missing images elsewhere, see Article 56000, Using Film Notes in the Catalog to determine the content of a final browse point in Historical Records.
See answers below for information about missing records and their respective film numbers.

Question #1: When searching the Catalog Film Notes for parish registers for San Jerónimo (Ica, Ica), I noticed that within the listing for Matrimonios (marriages) was inserted “Bautismos 1868-1912.” Could these records possibly be marriages?
Answer #1: If you search Ica > Ica > San Jerónimo > Bautismos 1868-1912 and view the images, you will find that this record set actually contains marriage records from 1861 through 1912 (the records start 2 June 1861 and end 27 December 1912). The baptismal records from 1868-1912 are found in the six final browse points for baptisms covering these years in both the Catalog Film Notes for Film Numbers 1398389-1398394, as well as in the corresponding browse path Ica > Ica > San Jerónimo.

Question #2: When searching Ica > Pisco > San Clemente, there are no marriage records shown for years prior to 1855. Are these records available?
Answer #2: There are available marriage records as seen in the Catalog Film Notes for Matrimonios 1769-1855, Film Number 1410252, Items 3-5; however, they are not currently available online. You may view the microfilm at the Family History Library or some FamilySearch Centers.

Question #3: While viewing the images located within the final browse point for Cajamarca > Jesus > Dulce Nombre de Jesus > Indice de bautismos 1880-1897, I noticed that the title page identifies these records as Defunciones (deaths) for Libro No. 6. Is this correct?
Answer #3: Both the Catalog Film Notes for Film Number 2251495, Item 18 and the final browse point Cajamarca > Jesus > Dulce Nombre de Jesus > Indice de bautismos 1880-1897 are mislabeled as ĺndice de bautismos (baptism index) when in fact, they represent an index to death records (ĺndice de defunciones) for Libro No. 6.

Question #4: When searching Amazonas > Chachapoyas I see that the Diocese (Diócesis) of Chachapoyas is listed under Parish (Parroquia). Why is the Diocese listed as a Parish?
Answer #4: The record from this Diocese has several parish records that were kept all together in one book, where the priest lists all the parishes that the book contains, for example: Olleros, San Miguel, Casnal, Taulia, Cheto, Soloco, etc. Many of the entries are out of order regarding date, and are extremely mixed up regarding parish. To handle this catalogers filed the records under the Diocese. In this particular instance you will find Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials; records not typically found in Diocese records.

Question #5: When searching the Catalog for Film 2275217, there are no Film Notes for Item 8. It would appear that the missing baptisms are for Lambayeque > Saña > Santo Toribio > Bautismos 1935-1940 vol.13. Is this correct?
Answer #5: The Catalog Film Notes for Iglesia Católica. Santo Toribio (Saña, Lambayeque) and the path Lambayeque > Saña > Santo Toribio are both missing an entry for Bautismos 1935-1940 vol.13. These records are not currently available online. You may view Film 2275217 Item 8 at the Family History Library or some FamilySearch Centers.

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