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Aftægt is a kind of "private pension". It can also be called in revenue, presence or roofing. Pensioner was different benefits that a new occupant in a house or on a farm gave to the older, former residents, who had declined or charged property.

Usually it was in the family, when such an elderly couple waived their bed with a daughter and son-in-law to come on pensioner Had not a fence or a house, you had no opportunity to ensure his old age in this way. Then there was perhaps only family members grace and mercy - or Enduring worse - poor housing - to see to.

Pork and funeral

Pensioner could typically consist of food or different means in everyday life. For example, it could be agreed upon by aftægtsfolkene should have certain amounts of milk, butter, bacon, peas, rye and fuel, fodder and stall space for a few animals - and help for example washing and transport. Aftægtsfolkene could live in a aftægtstue and table mm. together with the farm's new people, but you could also had - or build a special aftægtshus to the old. As a rule, it was also a part of the agreement that the old had a decent burial after parish practice when they died.

Registration as a precaution

Both self-owners and tenants could be a pensioner. Was Mon hilts should squire approve aftægtskontracten. One could make an oral agreement, but you could also get kontracten things like. So was assured if later disagreement. Ceded Mon courtyard to a daughter and son in law, one could not be sure if the son in law and a bug report. new wife was quite willing to meet contract targets.