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As your societies on-line presence increases you will probably find yourself dealing with an ever widening array of web based entities, each with a corresponding UserID and Password. Managing them takes a bit of forethought.

First and foremost, they should be known by more than one person. Your organization should have some mechanism for insuring that several people have the ability to access all of your on-line entities.

Sharing such information in email or in documents is a potential security risk. One way to minimize or eliminate the need to do this is to establish a schedule for changing your passwords: that way everybody knows when the passwords will be changed. Another suggestion is create future passwords ahead of time, preferably while you are meeting face to face with the person or people you are coordinating with.

How often you change your passwords depends on several factors. As a rule, really important passwords (like the one to your hosting service) should be changed monthly.

Your fail-safe strategy should include knowing what on-line services you employ, how to contact their administrators, and how to identify yourself as a authorized used.

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