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Panama Phone Directories

1998-1999 National Phone Directory

This Spanish-language directory was compiled by Yara del Carmen Acuña and others in 1999 and consists mainly of commercial ads and phone listings for businesses in every province of Panama. You can download it from the National Library of Panama.

White Pages Directory

You can search for individuals in a White Pages directory using two surnames, two given names, and the city.

Panama Paginas Blancas.

Yellow Pages Directory

Panama Paginas Amarillas

Panama City Street and Business Directories

The Panama city directories facilitate searching for individuals or businesses established in the Isthmus at the time of publication. The directories include names, addresses and some photographs. These directories are available from the National Library of Panama digtal collection.

1897 National Directory of the City of Panama

Authored by Francisco Posada: General Directory of the City of Panama and historical and geographical summary. At the time Panama was a department of Colombia. Includes historical highlights from the discovery of Panama until 1831. History, geography, commerce, industries, agriculture, biographies of important citizens. The book is in Spanish and has no index. You can download three PDF files.

1898 National Directory of the City of Panama

This second volume was also authored by Francisco Posada and contains similar information as the first volume. You can download four PDF files.

Panama in 1915

This bilingual street directory, published in 1915, was modeled after previous national directories. It contains similar material but not as extensive; there is no index. The articles primarily deal with history. It has many commercial ads plus many photos of prominent women from that time. You can download 31 PDF files.

The Blue Book of Panama (1916-1917)

This bilingual publicity book was supported by the United Fruit Company as a means to attracting overseas investors to Panama. It contains articles on history, biographies and photos. It has commercial ads and a very general index. You can download 26 PDF files.

1926 Directory

The "Directorio general de la ciudad de Panamá: guía comercial de interés general," was compiled in 1926 by Guillermo Andreve. It contains historical content and photos of prominent people in Panama. A very general index is available in the back. You can download the 15 PDF files.