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This section provides links to Panamanian websites that contain genealogy trees and biographies of Panamanian families. The websites are in Spanish.

Academia de Genealogia e Historia de Panama[edit | edit source]

The Panama Academy of Genealogy and History (Academia de Genealogia e Historia de Panama) was organized on August 13, 2011, at the University of Santa Maria La Antigua in Panama city. The leadership of the new institution include: Dr. Rafael Candanedo, President, Dr. Mario Jose Molina Castillo, Vice-President, and Jorge Kam Rios, Secretary. This is the first official genealogical organization established in Panama.

Hispanic Surnames and Family History[edit | edit source]

The best source of Hispanic genealogies y family histories published before 1996 is called Hispanic Surnames and Family History (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1996) written by Lyman D. Platt.

Pages 51-91 contain a list of surnames for which publications can be found and pages 93-205 list the corresponding publications. The list includes 1,883 titles and 3,000 volumes.

Just because a publication is for a different country than the one you are researching, that doesn't mean that it is not significant for studying your surname. During colonial times, many families dispersed throughout different regions of Latin America. This book is also a good study source for surnames from Spain.

Panama Genealogies Published Online[edit | edit source]

The following genealogies have been published on the Internet.

Panama genealogies published on the Internet
Title Principal Surnames Description
Genealogias de Panama Vallarino, Paredes, Icaza Website is owned by two professional genealogists: Garcia de Paredes Icaza and Sonia Cannata Zeballos. It contains family trees, descendancy charts, and biographies of prominent families in Panama. Most of the content is free, but you can purchase their publications, which contain more detailed information.
Alegre and Jurado Families Alegre, Jurado, Samudio, Estenoz, Herrera Website is owned by Luigi Alegre, who has compiled an extensive, searchable tree of the Alegre and Jurado lines in Panama, as well as collateral lines, mostly in Chiriqui, Panama with documented sources. If you wish to contribute to or discuss the information, you can contact the owner.
Familias en Panamá y Otras Relacionadas Moreno, De la Ossa,Tribaldos, Francheschi, Arauz, Samudio, Estribi Website is owned by Roberto A. Moreno Tribaldos. There are two versions, one in and one in It includes extensive genealogies going back to the 1600's with documented sources. Photos and some stories in addition to pedigree charts.
Cardoza Genealogy Tree Cardoza Tree begins in France in 1749 with the emigration of David Cardozo Pereira to Curazao. His son, Moises, later changed his surname to Cardoze. The Cardoze tree, which can be downloaded as a spreadsheet or PDF, comprises over 9 generations of descendants. You can contact the website administrator to request additions or corrections. 
Quelquejeu Family Quelquejeu, Arauz This website contains information about the descendants of Camilo Quelquejeu Arauz, fourth son of Adolphe Prosper Quelquejeu and Antonina Arauz Gallegos. Adolphe Quelquejeu was a French citizen who arrived in Paname in the 1850's.
Guardia Family De La Guardia, Jaen This website includes genealogy trees for the De La Guardia and Jaen families of Panama. You can contact the website administrator to request additions or corrections. You can also download information.
Familia Salas Arias Salas, Arias This website includes genealogy trees for the Salas and Arias families of Panama. You can contact the website administrator to request additions or corrections. You can also download information.
Fabrega Family Fabrega Website includes ancestors and descendants of the Fabrega family of Panama. 
Casa Lefevre Lefevre, Arauz Website contains biographies, photos, and literature authored by Lefevre family members. It also includes several articles and photos surrounding the Pollera, Panama's national dress.
Historia de la Familia Candanedo Candanedo The History of the Candanedo Family is a blog that contains family histories of the Candanedo family of Chiriqui. The blog entries span from 2011 to 2014.
Domonte and Robledo Families Domonte, Robledo This manuscript is a genealogical certificate for Melchor Domonte y Robledo, a native of Panama, that was submitted upon his acceptance into the Order of Calatrava in 1647. The 217-page manuscript is stored in the Biblioteca Digital Real Academia de la Historia and can be read online or downloaded.
Genealogía de familias panameñas Garcia de Paredes, Diaz This 2-volume digitized book was written by Guadalupe García de Paredes Icaza and includes genealogical information on the Garcia de Paredes and Diaz families. The digital version can only be accessed within a Family History Center.

Panama Genealogies Published in Print[edit | edit source]

The following genealogies have been published in books and many are available through inter-library loan. You can search WorldCat for library holdings. All of these books are either currently available at the main Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah or will become available sometime in 2017.

Published books containing Panama genealogical material
Title Author Description
Panameños de la época colonial en el Archivo General de Indias de Sevilla Susto Lara, Juan Antonio Short biographies of people living in Panama during colonial times; information was extracted from the Archivo General de Indias in Seville, Spain
Boquete, Rasgos de su Historia Sanchez Pinzon, Milagros Biographies of prominent people in Boquete, Chiriqui, with historical background and genealogical information about their forebears.
Bajo el Cielo Azul de la Tiza: Historias de Vida Gonzalez de Diaz, Nelva Contains a history of the early settlers of La Tiza, Las Tablas, Los Santos, Panama and a genealogy of the Gonzalez family.
Huellas Chinas en Panama: 150 Años de Presencia Tam, Juan A history of the Chinese presence in Panama since the 1850's, with photos and biographical data.
David: Historia y Sociedad Molina Castillo, Mario Jose A history of the city of David in the Chiriqui province of Panama, from its founding to the present day, including genealogies of leading families.
Chiriqui en las Paginas de su Historia Molina Castillo, Mario Jose
Hijos del Campo: Bijagual y Cochea Molina Castillo, Mario Jose
Chiriqui en sus Fronteras de Produccion Molina Castillo, Mario Jose
Jose Maria Carrilllo Tamayo en la Historia de Chiriqui Molina Castillo, Mario Jose
La Saga de los Arias en Panama Jaen Suarez, Omar See article in Spanish about the book.
Los Aleman de Panama Jaen Suarez, Omar
Genes Alemanes en Chiriqui y Bocas del Toro Troetsch, Dimitri
Los Stanziola di Luca: de Italia al istmo de Panamá, 1883-2005 Stanziola Torres de Pereira, Arcinda Edisa