Online index to United States Mennonite Newspaper Obituaries, starting 1864

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This ongoing project indexes the obituaries found in the major Mennonite newspapers covering the Mennonite Church USA (North America).

The obituaries are on-line and contain much useful information, including parent relationships for both husband and wife, deceased close relatives (parents, siblings, spouse, and children), funeral service date and locations, cemetery, and so on. The amount of information varies with the date of the obituary; the earliest contain the least amount of information while those appearing at the beginning of the 20th century often contain the most. More recent obituaries contain less information with regard to the relatives of the deceased. Some, especially those concerning children, are very senstive and tender. There are occasional typographical errors, but most of the information can be verified from other sources, including cemetery records and census returns.

Main index currently includes 77,180 names. Check the site often for additions. The site can be searched by name in a main index, a maiden name index, and a yearly index for each publication.  The site is very easy to use.


Obituaries for:

  • Herald of Truth, 1864—1908
  • Gospel Witness, 1905—1908
  • Gospel Herald, 1908—1998
  • The Mennonite, 1998—present (in process)
  • Mennonite Weekly Review, parts; 1987; 2002/July-December to the present (in process)
  • Lazarus Project—an expanded obituary project, various years including 1921, 2004, 2005, & 2006

Internet address: