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Of Roots and Branches - Saturday Sept. 13, 2014 at the Shepherd Union building on the Weber State University campus in Ogden, Utah

What's NEW for this Conference:

We have a firm date reserved for the 2015 Conference, which is Saturday September 12, 2015.  Again WSU is sponsoring the Conference.  We have started a new wiki page and we will keep it current with class information as it unfolds.  CLICK HERE FOR THE 2015 CONFERENCE


Thank you all for your participation and assistance in our wonderful Conference today.  Our best estimate is that there were about 900 participants at this years conference.  Don't be bashful about coming to our Ogden Family Search Library to attend their classes OR to get all the one-on-one help you need.

Special thanks to the Weber State University History Department for sponsering the conference  The keynote speakers were informative and wonderful; the Presenters were excellent; the Conference Committee put in countless hours of service; the volunteers sacrificed their time taking classes to help the attendees find their way and answer questions; and the vendors answered countless questions while presenting their products.

Some people have asked about Merrill White's presentation about the Discovery Center concept and you can read about it in its August 2013 version in this link DISCOVERY CENTER or this outline of the Discovery Center focus and ideas that he presented at the Conference Family History Center Discovery Experiences.

Thank you again for your attendence and participation.

Conference Chairman

2014 Conference introduction

Our presenters include generous professionals, teachers from the Salt Lake Family History Library and our own Ogden FamilySearch Library, and those knowledgeable sellers of family history books and software.

We project that over 60 classes will be taught to about 1,000 participants.

During each of our five periods, we will have classes for beginners, our non-gray haired genealogists, Spanish speakers and more advanced family historians.  We will also offer more challenging research based classes for others who are interested in foreign research. Presenters from software companies will teach you how to use the products that will be for sale at conference prices.

Change seems to be the name of the family history game, so join us to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest programs and search strategies. Learn to Find, Organize, Preserve, and Share your Family History.

We are excited to especially welcome the youth that will be the cutting edge for progress in future family history.  We will offer beginning tracks,Spanish speaking tracks and of course, all religions and everyone who loves (or is learning to love) family history is welcome.

This Annual Conference is made possible by WSU History Department, the volunteers from the community and the Ogden FamilySearch Library: ogdenfsl.org


click here for the Weber University Ogden Utah map 

click here for the Weber Campus map

click here for the Shepherd Union Building map


One-On-One Circle of Service

Located center of Atrium on the second floor. Drop in for personalized help, both general and country specific research questions from consultants, volunteers and missionaries. Some of our experts are:
General: Fran McFarland, LaVera Paris, JoAnn Hall
Swedish: Curtis Larson,
Danish: Annie Strawn,
Spanish/Latin American: Juan Balderas
Holland: Don Koldewyn and Pearl Hunt,
Norway: Dale McIntyre
Indexing Italian Birth Records: Elder Howard Cheney and Linda Poulter (probably located in the vendor area.)
--- Most of these consultants are happy to make follow-up appointments to meet at the Ogden Familysearch Library in the weeks following the conference.


Weber University will have most of the Shephard Union Building Food Court vendors open during the lunch time.  You may bring your own lunch and eat on the patio or travel off campus to the many local restaurants.  There are many vending machines available for snacks and drinks in the building.

Register at 7:30 AM

Keynote Speakers at 8:30 AM

Ogden Temple President Froerer and Temple Matron Kathleen Froerer

Merill White, Current Manager of the Family Search Discovery Center Initiative and past Manager of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City.  You can read more about the Discovery Center Experience by clicking on this LINK.

First Session 10:00-11:00 following Keynote Speaker

Class # CLASS TITLE - Click on "description" to see the class descriptions Presenter- click on name to see their biography
Class Syllabus link (if available)
How Do I Start My Family History?  - description
Doris Bateman/Jeff Kinney
Class 1
FamilySearch Family Tree: Basics  - description
Edith Reeves
Navitaging in Family Tree ;Linking to other people; Overview of Family Tree -What does it do?
Expanding Your Family Tree (repeated)   - description
Lisa McBride
Class 3
YOUTH – By the Youth, For the Youth  - description
Cassidy Shupe (teenager)

Online Swedish Research  - description
Bradley Marchant

“I Didn’t Know That!” - description
Joanne Hanson
Class 6 research forms ; wiki research forms
Born to Write My History - description
Emma Lu Draper
Class 7
Finding the Living Among the Dead: U sing the Internet to Find Your Living Cousins - description
Amy Archibald

What’s New in RootsMagic 6 - description
Mike Booth

Strategies for Successful French Research  - description
Heidi Sugden
Class 10
Meyers Gazetteer: Using the Online Version - description
Naomi Newbold
Online Access ; Online Activity ; Syllabus
What’s New in Ancestral Quest - description
Gaylon Findlay

Indexación FamilySearch -description
Nicteha Rubio Márquez

Second Session 11:15-12:15

Class # CLASS TITLE - Click on "description" to see the class descriptions Presenter- click on name to see their biography
Class Syllabus link (if available)
14 Family History Consultant & Priesthood Leadership Training - description
Travis & Beverly Weaver
Class 14 links ; Syllabus
15 [Intentionally left blank]

16 Great Internet Sites for US Family Hisotry description
Marilyn Markham
Class 16
17 British Descendant Research 1760-1911  - description
Bradley Marchant

18 YOUTH – Finding Your Cousins - description
Scott. Jeff and Terry Allen
Class 18
19 Brief Introduction to the Church History Library - description
Jay Burrup

20 Case Study – How to find ancestors in Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives) of Norway - description
Liv Anderson
Class 20
21 Writing Your Personal History - description
Emil Hanson

22 My Heritage - description
Mark Olsen

23 RootsMagic + FamilySearch = Easy     - description
Mike Booth

24 German Research on the Internet – Useful Websites    -description
Heidi Sugden
Class 24
25 Research Logs: Your Key to Success - description
Naomi Newbold
Class 25
26 YOUTH – Get to Know Your Geezers  - description
Matthew Hovorka (teenager)
Class 26
27 Búsqueda de Antepasados en Registros Históricos de FamilySearch - description
Carolina Espinoza

Third Session 12:30-1:30

Class # CLASS TITLE - Click on "description" to see the class descriptions Presenter - click name to see their biography Class Syllabus link (if available)
I Found My Family Tree Online, Why do I Need Family History Software? - description
Arron Wheeler

Introducing the New FamilySearch Indexing Tool - description
Katie Gale

Expanding Your Family Tree (Repeat) - description
Lisa McBride
Class 30
Danish Research on the Internet - description
Annie Strawn

A Beginner’s Guide to Digitally Preserving and Organizing Your Family History - description
Naomi Newbold
Class 32
More on your Mormon Lines - description
Bradley Marchant

Genealogy is not just for Grandmas, Billion Graves - description
Tom Hester

Introduction to LDS Congregational Records (branches, wards, stakes, districts, and missions) - description
Jay Burrup

Organizing, Planning, and Sharing Using Legacy Family Tree - description
Leonard Plaizier
Class 36
French Research Sites and Databases - description
Heidi Sugden
Class 37
Learning to Read Old German Script, (Pt1)  - description
Fritz Juengling
Class 38
Research Using the Ogden FamilySearch Library’s Website: Ogdenfls.org - description
Emil O. Hanson
Class 39
Investigación Genealógica Hispana - description
Jonathan Walker

Fourth Session 1:45-2:45

Class # CLASS TITLE - Click on "description" to see the class descriptions Presenter - click name to see their biography Class Syllabus link (if available)
41 Documentation Made Easy—It’s All About Sources - description
Doris Bateman/Jeff Kinney
Class 41
42 US State and Federal Censuses - description
Marilyn Markham
Class 42
43 Saving Your Family History Securely in the Cloud - description
Scott Allen
Class 43
44 Researching in the British Isles - description
Jessica Taylor

45 Family Reunion Planning: Tools & Resources for Successful Events - description
Amy Archibald

46 FamilySearch Wiki - description
Lisa McBride
Class 46
47 Adding Sources, Photos and Stories to FamilySearch Family Tree (Repeat) - description
Kelly Summers
Class 47
48 Homesickness and Immigration - description
Susan Matt
Class 48
49 Creating Audio, Slide Show, and Video Family History Stories,  (Pt1) - description
Marlo Schuldt
Class 49
50 Organize in Color, (Pt1)  - description
Joanne Hanson
Class 50 research forms ; wiki research forms
51 FamilySearch and Legacy Family Tree - description
Leonard Plaizier
Class 51
52 Netherlands Internet Research - description
Don Koldewyn
Class 52 instructions ; Whowaswho handout ; homework
53 Learning to Read Old German Script, (Pt2) - description
Fritz Juengling
Class 53
54 Memorias en Árbol Familiar de FamilySearch - description
Jorge Guaglianone

Fifth Session 3:00-4:00

Class # CLASS TITLE - Click on "description" to see the class descriptions Presenter - click name to see their biography Class Syllabus link (if available)
How to Really See What Records are Telling About Your Ancestor - description
Marilyn Markham
Class 55
I’m Irish, now what? – A Beginner’s Guide to Tracing your Immigrant Ancestor back to Ireland  - description
Jessica Taylor
Class 56
FamilySearch Family Tree: Correcting Relationships - description
Edith Reeves
Correcting relationships; Example of correcting relationships for John Cummings
Beginning Danish/Norwegian Research - description
Bradley Marchant

German Church and Civil Records: Extracting Genealogical Information - description
Fritz Juengling
Class 59
Beginning Southern Research - description
Kelly Summers
Class 60
Creating Audio, Slide Show, and Video Family History Stories, (Pt2) - description
Marlo Schuldt
Class 61
Finding Your Cousins  - description
Scott, Jeff and Terry Allen
Class 62 using puzzilla
Weber State University’s Special Collections and Archives - description
Sarah Langsdon

Organize in Color, (Pt2) - description
Joanne Hanson

Class 64 research forms; wiki research forms

Ancestral Quest and FamilySearch Family Tree - description
Gaylon Findlay

Latin American Research - description
Jonathan Walker

French Church and Civil Records & Paleography Issues - description
Heidi Sugden
Class 67
Un índice de mil milliones de sepulturas
(BillionGraves.com) - description
Brian Moncur

Drawing at 4:15

2014 Conference Vendors and links

Last year's 2013 Conference information:

If you wish to see the great classes and information that was presented at the last 2013 conference, you can search them in the Family Search Wiki's search browser.