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Virtual Tours

[edit | edit source]

Live, interactive virtual tours of the FamilySearch Library are being conducted daily over Zoom during these COVID-19 times. Scheduling and additional details are available at templehill.org

The tour highlights the library's capabilities, the role of families, and concludes with a Personal Discovery Experience. It is hosted by Visitor Center sister missionaries and typically lasts 20-30 minutes. Groups (youth, children, church, etc.), societies and extended families are encouraged to join. You will find the tour both educational and fun.



Discovery Center

[edit | edit source]

The Discovery Center engages individuals interactively with their family history and heritage. Utilizing one of eight 55 inch touch screens, five fun and educational activities are available. Over 20 additional activities are available on FamilySearch.org and the 'Family Tree' App under Family History Activities.

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Click on any image below and you will be taken to the website page.

All About Me[edit | edit source]

Learn about the meaning of your first and last name, what happened in your birth year, and other fun facts.

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Where Am I From[edit | edit source]

See where your family came from, view photos of family members and read their stories.

Oakland FSL Where Am I From.JPG

My Famous Relatives[edit | edit source]

Patrons can learn how they are related to famous people. Did their ancestors sail on the Mayflower? Do they descend from famous Americans, such as the Founding Fathers, or U.S. Presidents? Are they related to church leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

Oakland FSL Famous Relatives.JPG

Picture My Heritage[edit | edit source]

Connect to your heritage. Add your face to historical photos and dress of the times.

Oakland FSL Picture My Heritage1.png

Compare A Face[edit | edit source]

Compare your face to your relatives' faces, and see who you most resemble.

Oakland FSL Compare a Face.JPG

Create a FamilySearch Account

[edit | edit source]

As these activities utilize data from FamilySearch.org, in order to enhance your Discovery Center experience, consider doing the following before coming to the Library:

1. If you already have a FamilySearch account, be sure to bring your account username and password.
2. If you do not have an account, you may set up one by clicking on the link below.
3. If you prefer, library staff can assist you to set up an account when you arrive.