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Family history societies often publish helpful journals, transcripts, compiled genealogies and host helpful websites. They may have ongoing projects to transcribe records and create indexes. Most societies publish queries in their journals and maintain lists of members’ research interests that may be helpful to you. You may want to join one of these societies, reap the benefits of their expertise and resources, or support its efforts.

Addresses of the societies are for the most part where their meetings are held as they are by-and-large not brick-and-mortar institutions.

Regional Societies[edit | edit source]

Kimberley Chinemarelian Historical Society
Community Room Kimberley School
Newdigate Street
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG16 2NJ UK
Telephone: 01773 785130
Website: Kimberley Chinemarelian Historical Society

This Society is near the Derbyshire border and is listed on the Derbyshire County Council website.

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Labour History Society
Nottingham Mechanics
North Sherwood Street
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 4EZ UK
Telephone: 01246 270628
Website: Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Labour History Society

The Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Labour History Society is an organisation of members who have an interest in working class history, and the history of the labour movement in these two counties.

Priories Historical Society
The Innings
1 Prospect Precinct
Gloucester Road
Worksop, Nottinghamshire S81 0RS UK
Telephone: 01909 732485
Website: Priories Historical Society

Priories Historical Society was formed in June 2000 with the intention of bringing a wide variety of talks to the public. We are predominantly interested in the history and archaeology of the local area which covers Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire.

Wesley Historical Society - East Midlands
Website: Wesley Historical Society - East Midlands

The aims of the Society laid down in 1893 were to promote the study of the history and literature of early Methodism, research into the Wesley's, and investigation into the beginnings and development of Methodism. Area: Leicestershire, Loughborough, Derby, Nottingham.

Nottinghamshire Societies[edit | edit source]

Arnold Local History Group
Arnold Labour Club (Bonington House)
79 High Street
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG5 7DN UK
Website: Arnold Local History Group

We aim to encourage and support an interest in the history of the Arnold area and help conserve and archive material of local interest.

Awsworth & Cossall History Society
The Gate Inn
Main St
Awsworth, Nottinghamshire NG16 2RN UK<br< Telephone: 0115 8494761
Website: Awsworth & Cossall History Society

Basford & District Local History Society
Clover Green Community Room
1 Clover Green
Old Basford
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG6 OQT UK
Telephone: 01773 783 009
Website: Basford & District Local History Society

Local history society covering Old and New Basford and surrounding areas of Nottingham - including Hyson Green, Sherwood, Mapperley, Cinderhill, and Highbury Vale.

Beeston & District Local History Society
Chilwell Memorial Hall
129 High Rd
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG9 4AT UK
Telephone: 07804 942589/0115 9460833
Website: Beeston & District Local History Society

The Society is for the benefit of the people of Beeston, Chilwell, Attenborough, Toton, Bramcote, and Stapleford. It is one of the largest local history societies in Nottinghamshire.

Bilborough Local History Group
St. Martin's Church
St. Martin's Road (off Streeley Road)
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG8 3BH UK
Telephone: 07821 156909
Website: Bilborough Local History Group
Website #2: Bilborough Local History Group

Bingham & District Local History Society
The Old Court House
Church Street
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG13 8AL UK
Telephone: 01949 837008
Website: Bingham & District Local History Society

Bingham Heritage Trails Association
Telephone: 01949 838275
Website: Bingham Heritage Trails Association

The Bingham Heritage Trails Association was founded in the year 2000 with the aim to increase awareness of the richness of Bingham's heritage. The Association takes a holistic view of the heritage, including geology, natural history, archaeology, history and the built environment of the parish of Bingham.

Bleasby Local History Society
Bleasby Village Hall
Gypsy Lane
Bleasby, Nottinghamshire NG14 7GG UK
Telephone: 01636 830821
Website: Bleasby Local History Society

Bleasby Local History Society was formed over thirty years ago to pursue research into the history of Bleasby, especially regarding the families who have lived here.

Blidworth & District Historical and Heritage Society
Function Room Building
Blidworth Miners Welfare Social Centre
Mansfield Rd
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG21 0LR UK
Telephone: 01623 479978
Website: Blidworth & District Historical and Heritage Society

Bramcote History Group
St Michael's Church Centre
Church St
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG9 3HD UK
Telephone: 0115 9225306
Website: Bramcote History Group

Bulwell Historical Society
Bulwell Riverside Centre
Main St
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG6 8QJ UK
Telephone: 0115 9124518
Website: Bulwell Historical Society

Bulwell Historical Society has been in existence for well over 30 years and provides a meeting place for people with an interest in history and in particular, the history and heritage of the area around Bulwell, to meet to further their interests.

Bunny Village History Society
Bunny Village Hall
Church St
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG11 6QW UK
Website: Bunny Village History Society

Burton Joyce & Bulcote Local History Society
The Burton Joyce Centre for Local History
Carnarvon Room
Chestnut Grove
Burton Joyce
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG14 5DP UK
Telephone: 0115 9312657
Website: Burton Joyce & Bulcote Local History Society

The Society was formed in 1979 to organize monthly meetings from September to May following the publication of Burton Joyce & Bulcote, Studies in the History of two Trent Valley Villages. This was the work of the Burton Joyce Local History Group, a research group which had been studying the history of the villages since 1967.

Caunton Local History Society
Caunton Dean Hole Primary School
Manor Road
Newark, Nottinghamshire NG23 6AD UK
Telephone: 01636 636564
Website: Caunton Local History Society

Coddington History Group
Village Hall
23 Main St
Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 UK
Telephone: 01636 708781
Website: Coddington History Group

It is our aim to provide a focus for those interested in the history of Coddington, its people and institutions, buildings and environment; collect information about the village and its history, ensure it is retained for posterity, and make it available in publications; promote an interest in history (and especially of local history) in the village by organising activities, talks and exhibitions for members, and for local residents, visitors and Coddington School; encourage the view that our heritage should be valued and preserved; and support other local and national groups with similar aims.

Collingham & District Local History Society
Memorial Hall
Main St
Wetherby, Nottinghamshire LS22 5AS UK
Telephone: 01636 892292
Website: Collingham & District Local History Society

This local history history website covers Collingham and its neighbouring villages in the county of Nottinghamshire.

Cranmer Local History Group
The Thomas Cranmer Centre
Main Street
Aslockton, Nottinghamshire NG13 9 UK
Website: Cranmer Local History Group

The Cranmer Local History Group was formed in July 2001 with the aims of researching and promoting the history of Aslockton and Whatton-in-the-Vale and promoting local history and history in general.

East Bridgford Local History Group
Methodist Church
45 Main St
East Bridgford
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG13 8PA UK
Telephone: 01949 20764
Website: East Bridgford Local History Group

One object of the Group is the study, recording and preservation of local buildings, institutions, documents and objects which illustrate the life of East Bridgford.

East Leake & District Local History Society
St Mary's Hall (opposite the Parish Church)
3 Bateman Rd
East Leake
Loughborough, Nottinghamshire LE12 6LN UK
Telephone: 01509 853246
Website: East Leake & District Local History Society

If you want to know more about East Leake and its neighbouring villages, come along to the East Leake and District Local History Society. Some members are involved in research projects and can help people interested in local families.

Eastwood Historical Society
Beauvale Methodist Church
Dovecote Road
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG16 3QL UK
Website: Eastwood Historical Society

Edwinstowe Historical Society
The Church Rooms
Mansfield Road
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG21 9NJ UK
Telephone: 01623 822264
Website: Edwinstowe Historical Society

The aim of the Society is researching, saving and sharing materials relating to the history of our village and surrounding area.

Farnsfield Local History Society
Village Centre
New Hill
Newark, Nottinghamshire NG22 8JN UK
Telephone: 01623 882454
Website: Farnsfield Local History Society

Farnsfield Local History Society exists to collect and publicise the history of Farnsfield. Our aim is to keep the history of Farnsfield alive by uploading images, archives, and important information.

Gotham & District Local History Society
Gotham Memorial Hall
8 Meadow End
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG11 0HP UK
Telephone: 0115 9830494
Website: Gotham & District Local History Society

The Society offers guided tours of the village and surrounding hills, as well as answering queries on Family Trees. The Society holds photographs, documents, and records of the village including copies of Census records, Church and Chapel records, and school class photographs.

Hucknall Heritage Society
Central Methodist Church
8 Watnall Rd
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG15 7LE UK
Website: Hucknall Heritage Society

Hucknall Heritage Society was formed in 1984 with the aim of providing a regular series of meetings to educate and entertain members by providing talks and presentations on subjects with a local heritage or historical theme. In 2013 the Society merged with the Hucknall Local History Group.

Hucknall Local History Group (see Hucknall Heritage Society)

Keyworth & District Local History Society
Centenary Lounge
Keyworth Village Hall
32 Elm Ave
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG12 5AN UK
Telephone: 0115 937 2898
Website: Keyworth & District Local History Society

Kirkby & District Conservation Society
Heritage Centre
13 Kingsway
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG17 7BB UK
Telephone: 01623 720111
Website: Kirkby & District Conservation Society

The Kirkby & District Conservation Society was established in 1975 with the aim of securing the preservation of Kirkby’s local history and to promote civic pride throughout the local environment. The Conservation Society’s Heritage Centre, on Kingsway, is open to the public and contains a vast collection of old photographs, paintings, plans, artefacts, books on local history and memorabilia. They also have many interesting items for sale, can supply prints and are able to advise on local and family history.

Lambley Historical Society
Lowdham WI Hall
Main Street
Lowdham, Nottinghamshire NG14 7AB UK
Telephone: 0115 9313646
Website: Lambley Historical Society

Laxton History Group
Laxton Village Hall
Main Street
Newark, Nottinghamshire NG22 0SX UK
Telephone: 01777 871506
Website: Laxton History Group

The members of Laxton History Group are villagers past and present and people with an interest in Laxton and its history.

Lenton Local History Society
Dunkirk & Old Lenton Community Centre
The Old School
Montpelier Rd
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG7 2JW UK
Telephone: 0115 9703891
Website: Lenton Local History Society

The Society was formed in 1973. Its specific aim was to foster an interest in Lenton Priory but this soon developed into a general interest in the history of the locality. Old and New Lenton, Lenton Sands and Dunkirk, the Lenton and Dunkirk Industrial Estates, plus the Lenton Abbey and Wollaton Park housing estates are all considered now to fall within the Society's area of interest.

Long Eaton and District Heritage Society
All Saints' Parish Church Hall
Tamworth Road
Old Sawley
Long Eaton, Derbyshire NG10 3AT UK
Telephone: 07950-836723
Website: Long Eaton and District Heritage Society

Long Eaton & District Heritage Society was formed by a group of local dedicated volunteers, who were concerned that many of the old local artefacts in the area were being thrown away or lost without just cause. We therefore decided that the motto of the Society should be, "Save it! One day it will be history".

Lowdham Local History Society
W.I. Hall
Main Street
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG14 7AB UK
Telephone: 0115 9669462
Website: Lowdham Local History Society

Mansfield & District Family History Society
15 Cranmer Grove
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG19 7JR UK
Website: Mansfield & District Family History Society

The Mansfield Woodhouse Society
Newboundmill Lane
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG19 7QA UK
Telephone: 01623 641350
Website: The Mansfield Woodhouse Society

We hold a very large historical archive of photographs etc of Mansfield Woodhouse and the surrounding area. This is constantly being added to. We are in the process of building up Woodhouse family records.

Mapperley and Sherwood History Group
Telephone: 0115 9625685
Website: Mapperley and Sherwood History Group

The Very Local History Group is a group of friends living near Mapperley Road and in Mapperley Park in Nottingham. We meet regularly to explore aspects of the history of this and nearby areas.

Morton & Fiskerton Local History Society
Morton Church Hall
Morton, Nottinghamshire UK
Telephone: 01636 830743
Website: Morton & Fiskerton Local History Society

The Local History Society was formed in 2000 primarily to act as a focus for researching and preserving the history of the two villages of Fiskerton and Morton.

Nether Broughton History Project
Telephone: 01664 822059
Website: Nether Broughton History Project

Everyone is welcome to join our very friendly and informal monthly gathering of residents of the village to forward the knowledge and discover the history of our community.

Newark Archaeological & Local History Society
Newark Library
Newark, Nottinghamshire NG24 1UW UK
Telephone: 01636 821781
Website: Newark Archaeological & Local History Society

Promoting the heritage of Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, UK.

North Muskham History Group
North Muskham Rural Community Centre
Nelson Lane
North Muskham
Newark, Nottinghamshire NG23 6EZ UK
Telephone: 01636 705566
Website: North Muskham History Group

Norwell Parish Heritage Society
Norwell Village Hall
Carlton Lane
Norwell, Nottinghamshire NG23 6LF UK
Telephone: 01636 636365
Website: Norwell Parish Heritage Society

Norwell Parish Heritage Group was set up in 2006 with the aim of recording the past and present heritage of Norwell, Norwell Woodhouse and Willoughby for the benefit of present and future generations.

Nottingham Historical & Archaeological Society
St Mary's Gate
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 UK
Telephone: 07711 124137
Website: Nottingham Historical & Archaeological Society

Nottingham Radical History Group
Website: Nottingham Radical History Group

We Radical Histerians are a diverse group of people interested in Nottingham’s long and turbulent history of dissent, unrest and rebellion.

Nottingham Women's History Group
Telephone: 07500 534563
Website: Nottingham Women's History Group

The Group's aim is to celebrate, promote and research the contribution made by women to the social and political history of Nottingham, develop and maintain projects that map women’s histories in the City and its localities, and provide a programme of activities including women’s history walks.

Nottinghamshire Family History Society
Nottinghamshire Archives
Castle Meadow Road
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG2 1AG UK
Website: Nottinghamshire Family History Society

The Society, formed originally as the Genealogical Society of the East Midlands, exists to bring together all who are interested in family history research, to help in the preservation and indexing of local genealogical records, and in the copying and publishing of such records.

Nottinghamshire Local History Association
Telephone: 0777 9082085
Website: Nottinghamshire Local History Association

The Association was formed in 1953 to bring together people and organisations interested in all aspects of local history in the county.

Nuthall & District Local History Society
St Patricks Church Hall
Watnall Road
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG16 1BT UK
Telephone: 0115 927 3012
Website: Nuthall & District Local History Society

Old Mansfield Society
Telephone: 01623 654815
Website: Old Mansfield Society

In 1919, a year for reflection and hope after the First World War, a group of Mansfield folk created a society to record the memories and heritage of the town. The Old Mansfield Society has been working ever since, preserving and presenting the past of this ancient community. Although the Society is currently in abeyance, the website will be maintained for the time being as a historical resource.

Old Warsop Society
Parish Centre Club
Bishops Walk
Church Warsop
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG20 0SN UK
Telephone: 01623 842219
Website: Old Warsop Society

Pentagon Local History Society (Elston, Shelton, Sibthorpe, East Stoke & Syerston)
Telephone: 01636 525664
Website: Pentagon Local History Society

The Society's aims are to encourage and develop an interest in local history by making it accessible to the community of Elston and other surrounding villages, and to promote and foster a general appreciation of history for its own sake.

Radcliffe on Trent Local History Society
Telephone: 0115 9119072
Website: Radcliffe on Trent Local History Society

Radcliffe on Trent Local History Society is a research and archives group which has been established for over thirty five years. The Society continues to produce professional and detailed research for the preservation of local history.

Retford & District Historical & Archaeological Society
Chapelgate Hall situated behind Grove Street Methodist Church
73 Grove Street
Retford, Nottinghamshire DN22 6LA UK
Telephone: 01777 248297
Website: Retford & District Historical & Archaeological Society

Lectures vary in all aspects of History & Archaeology.

Sherwood Archaeological Society
St. Peter’s Parish Centre
Church Side
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 1AP UK
Telephone: 1623 625674
Email: robert.smith1931@ntlworld
Website: Sherwood Archaeological Society

Formed in the 1960s the Society provides a programme of lectures throughout the year and the opportunity to take part in archaeological excavations and gain an introduction to the techniques involved.

Shireoaks & District Local History Group
10 Gloucester Road
Worksop, Nottinghamshire S81 0PQ UK
Telephone: 01909 483443
Website: Shireoaks & District Local History Group

Southwell & District Local History Society
Southwell Library
The Bramley Centre
King Street
Southwell, Nottinghamshire NG25 0EH UK
Website: Southwell & District Local History Society

Southwell has a rich past and the Society strives to find out more about how the town developed and the characters that have inhabited it over the centuries.

Stapleford & District Local History Society
St. Helen's Church Hall
Frederick Road
Stapleford, Nottinghamshire NG9 8FL UK
Telephone: 0115 9469152
Website: Stapleford & District Local History Society

We aim to encourage and support an interest in the history of the Stapleford Area and help conserve and archive material of local interest.

Sutton Heritage Society
St. Johns Methodist Church Hall
Brook Street
Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire NG17 1ES UK
Telephone: 01623 455109
Website: Sutton Heritage Society

The aims of this small local group are to promote the study of the local history of Sutton in Ashfield, to disseminate knowledge of this history and to promote awareness of the area’s heritage. and to encourage the preservation of buildings, artefacts, documents and other materials of historic interest and to advise and assist in such preservation.

Sutton-on-Trent Local History Society
Community Centre
Grassthorpe Road
Newark, Nottinghamshire NG23 6QD UK
Telephone: 01636 822003
Website: Sutton-on-Trent Local History Society

Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire
Nottingham Mechanics
3 North Sherwood Street
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 4EZ UK
Telephone: 01636 830284
Website: Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire

The Society’s aims are simple: to promote knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the history, archaeology, and antiquities of Nottinghamshire, and to support local research and conservation.

Tollerton Village History Group
Email #2:
Website: Tollerton Village History Group

This is a working group whose purpose is to gather information, memories, stories and photographic material relating to Tollerton from a wide range of sources; generate and maintain local interest in Tollerton’s history and heritage; archive the information and materials gathered for future reference; and share our found information and insights in a variety of accessible forms with the residents of Tollerton.

Upper Broughton Local History Group
Telephone: 01664 822916
Email #2:
Website: Upper Broughton Local History Group

Warsop Vale Local History Society
Vale Hotel
Carter Ln
Warsop Vale
Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG20 8XE UK
Telephone: 01623 842566
Website: Warsop Vale Local History Society

The Warsop Vale Local History Society was formed to bring together both present and former residents and to continue the good work of researching and recording the history of the village and its people.

West Bridgford & District Local History Society
Lutterell Hall (formerly West Bridgford Community Hall)
Church Drive and Bridgford Road
West Bridgford
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG2 6AY UK
Telephone: 0115 914 5520
Website: West Bridgford & District Local History Society

The West Bridgford and District Local History Society has been active in the historical study of the local institutions, people and buildings.

Wilford History Society
Benjamin Carter Hall
Main Road
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG11 7AJ UK
Telephone: 0115 981 9452
Website: Wilford History Society

Wollaton Historical & Conservation Society
St Leonard's Community Centre
4 Bramcote Lane
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG8 2ND UK
Telephone: 0115 9283414
Website: Wollaton Historical & Conservation Society

The Society exists to protect and enhance the principal Conservation Areas which include the Village core and Wollaton Park. In order to do that the Society encourages historic research and seeks to encourage people living in all parts of Wollaton and Wollaton Park to learn more about the history of the area and thereby to help ensure its survival and conservation.

Woodborough Local History Group
Woodborough Institute
Roe Lane
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG14 6BW UK
Telephone: 0115 9652489
Email #2:
Website: Woodborough Local History Group

Worksop Archaeological & Local History Society
Station Hotel
Carlton Road
Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 1PS
Telephone: 01909 477575
Website: Worksop Archaeological & Local History Society

Formed in 1958 to study and record the Archaeology and Local History of Worksop and its District, the society covers the geographical area of North Notts.