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As new immigrants arrived in America they very often travelled to communities settled by people from their home communities.  It became very important to the newcomers to keep their customs and traditions alive.  One way for them to do that was to publish newspapers.  The early newspapers did not only share news but also stories and poetry.

The first Norwegian-language newspaper, Nordlyset, was created in the small settlement of Muskego, Wisconsin 1847.  Although the paper did not last very long, it started a phenomenon that was quite estounding.  The pioneer editor Knud Langeland called America "the Land of Newspapers".  At one point over 565 Norwegian American Nespapers and magazines were in circulation, and between 1880 and 1920 the largest Norwegian language newspaper came out of Chicago not Oslo.

These are some of the early Norwegian Newspapers:

Title of Newspaper Time Period City of Publication
Nordlyset [1] 1847-1850 Muskego, Wisconsin
Emigranten [2] 1852-1868 Inmansville, Rock County, Wisconsin
Skandinaven [3] 1866-1940 Chicago, Illinois
Fædrelandet [4] 1864-1868 La Crosse, Wisconsin
Fædrelandet og Emigranten [5] 1868-1894 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Budstikken [6] 1873-1894 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Decorah-Posten [7] 1874-1972 Decorah, Iowa
Bikuben [8] 1876-1935 Salt Lake City, Utah
Minneapolis Tidene [9] 1887-1935 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Duluth Skandinav. or Skandinav [10] 1887-1965 Duluth, Minnesota
Washington Posten [11] 1889-1961 Seattle, Washington
Syd Dakota Ekko [12] 1890-1893 Brookings, South Dakota
Nordisk Tidene [13] 1891-1983 Brooklyn, New York
Normanden [14] 1887-1944 Grand Forks, North Dakota
Visergutten [15] 1893-1955 Story City, Iowa
Fremad [16] 1894-1935 Sioux Falls, Iowa

A comprehensive list of Norwegian language newspapers in the United States can be found in the Library of Congress Chronicling America website. This also tells the repositories which have copies of the newspaper.


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