Norway: Fixed and Moveable Feast Days beginning with D

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Dagobertus 23 December
Damasus 11 December
Damianus mart. 12 February
Damianus and Cosmas 27 September
Daniel Proph. 21 July
Daniel in Denmark 19 April
Daniel Stylita 11 December
Darthuntag 6 January
Datius 14 January
David 1 March
David abb. 25 June
David rex. proph. 30 December
Decem Mille Milites 22 June
Descollatio Johannes Baptist 29 August
Demetria 21 June
Demetrius 5 July
Demetrius 8 October
Den gode hyrde Sønd. see Miseri.
Denys 9 October
Der Tyentag 6 January
Desiderius 23 May
Desponsatio Maria 23 January
Detlaus 31 March
Dies Adoratis See Dies Adoratis
Dies Cinerum see Caput Jejunii
Dies Magnus see Pascha
Dies Mandati see Viridium
Dinius Messe 9 October
Dion 6 July
Dionysius ep. 8 April
Dionysius mart. 9 October
Dionysius ep. Alex. 17 November
Ditlev 2 October
Divisio Apostolorum 15 July
Dom. Ad. Palmas see Palmarum
Dom. Albis Desponendis see Quasim.
Domicilla 7 May
Domin. Albis 1 November
Domoni Ad. Palmas see Palmarum
Dominica (Dom.) means Sunday
Dominicus 4 August
Domotius mart. 5 July
Donatianus 24 May
Donatus mart. 1 March
Donatus and Afra 7 August
Dorothea 6 February
Dunstanus 19 May
Duo Ewaldi Frates 3 October
Dyre (Varfru dag) 15 August