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United States
Weber County
North Ogden

Quick Facts

Located at the base of Mt. Ben Lomond, North Ogden was originally called “Ogden Hole”. [1]
North Ogden Walking Path.jpg
In 1850, Jonathon Campbell, and his brother, Samuel, were the first to try and establish a white settlement at the Ogden Hole, but the Natives Americans ran them out. On March 4, 1851 they returned with a company of ten families and claimed it from the Natives. Eventually the conflict with the Indians ended when the settlers fed them instead of fighting with them. The earliest settlers lived in log homes and dugouts. [2]

In a meeting held on April 12, 1852 the Court appointed Jonathan Campbell as “Supervisor of the Ogden Hole.” The early town records were burned in a Utah Loan and Trust Company Fire. [3][4] Early records were preserved in a diary by the local bishop, Henry Holmes.

The town’s population was 600 when it was incorporated in February 1, 1934. The first mayor was David Gilbert Randall.

City Hall

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North Ogden City
505 East 2600 North
North Ogden, Utah 84414
(801) 782-7211

Neighboring Communities

Farr West | Harrisville | Ogden | Pleasant View


Biography and Family Histories

Business and Commerce

  • Time Book for laborers for 1892 to 1893 [11]


Formerly Union Cemetery until 1953, often referred to as North Ogden Cemetery now is called Ben Lomond Cemetery.

Ben Lomond Cemetery
Founded 1851
526 East 2850 North
North Ogden, UT 84414
(801) 782-5032

In 1900 the cemetery burned, taking with it the cemetery records and burning the headstones made of wood. There are some cemetery records that weren't in the fire and they are held at the North Ogden Historical Museum. Along with these records is the life work of the Hill Sisters that meticulously found every marked or unmarked gravesite in North Ogden. This compilation includes gravesites at farms, homes and various other places in North Ogden. A book of these gravesites along with those interred there is also held at the North Ogden Historical Museum.

Cemetery Databases

Church History and Records

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • North Ogden (Ogden Stake)
  • North Ogden Ward History, by Benjamin F. Blaylock [15]
  • Elders Quorum genealogical record and minutes of meetings, 1869-1886 [16]
  • Record of members, 1877-1913, 1902-1942 [17]
  • Form E (annual genealogical report), 1907-1948
  • List of officers and fast offering donations, 1902-1904 [18]
  • North Ogden First Ward [19]
  • North Ogden Second Ward [20]

Funeral Homes

  • Lindquist Mortuary
    2140 N Washington Blvd.
    North Ogden, Utah 84414
    (801) 782-6666
    Fax: (801) 782-6670



Barker cabins.jpg
Numerous histories and biographies are held at the North Ogden Historical Museum.
  • History of Weber County [22]
  • North Ogden First Ward, 150 years celebration [23]
  • North Ogden Ward history and biography [24]
  • Our North Ogden Pioneers, 1851-1900 [25] [26]
  • A History of North Ogden: beginnings to 1985[27]
  • North Ogden [28]



Historical Newspapers

Peoples of North Ogden

  • The original dwellers of North Ogden were the Shoshone Indians.
  • Italian farmers worked the fertile lands in North Ogden; several owned dairies. These Italian converts to the Mormon Church arrived in the area between the 1850's and 1860's, most coming in handcart companies. [30]

Societies, Museums and Libraries

Ogden Pioneer Museum.jpg
  • Stewart Library ~ Weber State University
    3750 Harrison Blvd.
    Ogden, Utah

Vital Records





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