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Nigeria Emigration and Immigration

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Passenger lists, immigration-emigration records[edit | edit source]

Research use: Passenger information can be used to identify individuals and families who did not remain in Nigeria long enough to have their names entered into the church records.

Record type: Lists of those arriving in Nigeria and/or departing for other destinations within the British empire or to Europe. Also, lists of slaves(ship’s manifests showing slave cargoes) and their destinations.

Time period: 1700 to present.

Contents:Names of passengers, often of family members and family relationships, place of origin, of embarkation, destination; ship’s manifests of slave cargoes leaving Nigeria for the Americas.

Location: National Archives in Lagos; a number are located in Portugal, the Netherlands, and Denmark, as well as the National Archives in England (since many different European nations were involved in the slave trade).

Population coverage: 35% of the British; 25% of the Nigerian population, but nearly 65% of all slaves taken from Nigeria principally to the Americas.

Reliability: Good.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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