New York, State Census, 1875

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Known Issues

Question #1: Why are there records from the 1855 census found in this collection?
Answer #1: When these records were filmed, records from the 1855, 1865 and 1875 census were copied onto the same rolls of microfilm. All three New York State Census collections have records from other years occasionally mixed in.

Question #2: Some records seem to be missing from Clarkson in Monroe County. Can you tell me where to find them?
Answer #2: Page 1 of the Clarkson locality in Monroe County was inadvertently filmed and indexed at the end of Brighton E.D. 02 Monroe County. They are located on image 39 in that waypoint.

Question #3: I am looking for the town of Florence in Oneida County. Are these records available?
Answer #3: The towns alphabetically from Clark to Marcy in Oneida County are not available either online or by microfilm. The records appear to be missing.

Question #4: When I click on View Image I am directed to the wrong image. How can I view the correct image?
Answer #4: Note the page number listed on the record details page to see if it matches the page number on the image that comes up. If not, scroll forward or backward a few images until you find the correct page match.

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