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In parts of Eastern Gelderland and Overijssel, Farm names were used before 1811. Under this system, instead of having a surname, persons used the name of the farm they resided at. When they moved(usually only at marriage), their name changed. In 1811 their surnames were fixed.

In the Salland Region(West Overijssel), farm names were not used, but church registers recorded the name of the farms people lived at. In 1811 people took these farms as their permanent surnames.

Identifying Places[edit | edit source]

Naturally a genealogist will wish to find out where particular farms their ancestors lived at are located. The 1833 Cadastral registers are a good source. Maps of these records for some, but not all parts of the Netherlands can be found at HisGis. Information about the owners and occupiers of land, the type of land, and taxes paid by the owners can be accessed.

Another good method is to use Google Maps or an equivalent and search for the farm. The original farm may be listed, or there may be a road or feature named after it.

A book that discusses farm names is:

  • Wijk, Vincentius van. Boerderijnamen: over hun Oorsprong, Geschiedenis en Betekenis (Farm Names: Their Origin, History and Meaning). Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1948. (FHL book 949.2 H2w; film 1183590 item 8.)

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