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Möschlitz is a subdividion of Schleiz, Saale-Orla-Kreis, Thüringia, Germany 

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Möschlitz, on the road between Schleiz and Burgk, was originally founded by Sorbian tribes. It is first mentioned in 1333 by the name of “Mouslitz”, and later called “Muslitz, Muschlitz and Meuschlitz..” In 1365 it was called the “Frondorf” or manor village of Castle Burgk.  It remained connected with the Herrschaft Burgk and later was the district office in the principality Reuβ ältere-Linie.


In 1607, Nicol Behr, a tanner, received permission to build a hotel. In the Möschlitzer mill, which was first documented in 1498, the first coin was minted in 1621 by Heinrich II of Reuβ ältere-Linie. The quality of the coin was so inferior that the mill was shut down in 1622. Candles were produced in the Möschliz pharmacy from 1845 to 1889 but the production was later moved to Schleiz. A “black mill” (charcoal) was in the village during these years also. Möschlitz has always been a top performer in school (since 1616) and business. These businesses include masons, roofers and carpenters. Today, many workers must find jobs outside of Möschlitz during the summer months.


Möschlitz (Reuβ ältere-Linie.) was involved in a conflict with Oschitz (Reuβ jüngere-Linie.) which almost came to battle. When Napolean’s brother, Jerome Bonapart, was stationed in Schleiz with a large army preparing for war with Austria, he needed to feed his soldiers. In an effort to preserve their herds from being requisitioned for the army, the people of Möschlitz hid their cattle in the forest. When the Oschitzers betrayed the hiding place of the Möschlitzer cattle in an effort to preserve their own cattle, the Möschlitzers armed themselves in preparation for battle against their neighbors in Oschitz. However, bloodshed was averted at the last minute as the Reuβ Lords intervened.

In 1930 Moschlitz was connected to Schleiz and Saalburg by rail, which is no longer in use. In the spring of 1945, S.S. guards killed a train full of prisoners who were being taken from Buchanwald to Bavaria. The town erected a memorial to these prisoners between Möschlitz and Burgk.

Together with the neighboring village of Grochwitz, Möschlitz was incorporated into the town of Schleiz December 29, 1995.

(This history is a translated excerpt from the official website of Schleiz: >stadtinfo>ortsteile>Möschlitz)

Church Records


St. Severus Church in Möschlitz belongs to the Kirchenkreis (Church District) Schleiz.  For more information see

All church books in the Schleiz area are in the process of being microfilmed by the EKMD (Evangelical Church in Middle Germany) in Eisenach. When the filming is completed sometime in 2011, the books will be returned to their original churches. Milcrofilmed records will then be accessible through Eisenach, see:

For inquiries concerning accessing the church books, e-mail or write to:

Ev. - Luth. Kirchgemeinde Schleiz, Stadtkirchnerei
Kirchplatz 3
D - 07907 Schleiz
Tel.: 03663 422 342


Note that fees are charged for searching the church books.