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Community Events
History Connection Expo Follow Up

Saturday 26 January 2019

Time - to be determined

Lone Star Montgomery College, Atrium of Building B

Idea Boards
What common threads did you find?

Genealogy/Family History

  • Family History
  • Add history to the Tree
  • Genealogy research
  • Interest in genealogy/history
  • Dead people
  • SAR (Sons of the American Revolution)
  • Need for volunteers
  • Pride in one’s unique group/community
  • SRT (Sons of the Republic of Texas)
  • Preservation of records
  • Lots of different organizations
  • Speakers needed
  • Increased members & participation needed
  • Some data/documents (even headstones) are not accurate
  • SRT wants to put on a program at Lone Star
  • Ancestral homes


  • Need for Community Building
  • Community service
  • Interest in community service
  • Needs in our community
  • Pride in one’s unique group/community
  • Community outreach
  • A yearning for community
  • Exciting the community
  • Involve youth
  • Connect with public
  • Helping others
  • Love of history
  • Interests in history
  • CISD Social Studies
  • History at Montgomery county
  • Meir Expedite Black Born Texas History
  • Family Story
  • Family Experiences

All Things in Common

  • A yearning to expand one’s outreach
  • Get involved
  • Technology/internet
  • Ancestors who are veterans
  • Collaboration
  • Hope to teach and reach others
  • Ancestor immigration stories
  • Common goals
  • Desire to share stories
  • Desire to reach next generation
  • Need for meeting space
  • Cemetery Walks
  • Cemetery restoration projects
  • Desire to know lineage
  • A desire to connect with ancestors
  • Need new members for genealogical and historical societies
What impressions came to you?
  • Great casual contacts
  • Lots of involvement
  • Community involvement
  • Want to learn
  • Volunteering
  • Found common interests
  • Love of history
  • Discovered new resources
  • Genealogy
  • Community involvement
  • Supervised by the number of young people
  • Making new connections
  • Variety of interest
  • Wealthy info- in very old groups, research
  • Sharing info
  • We all need help
  • I need to be less selfish – lots of great people with great ideas
  • Employ for projects
  • Stay connected
  • Need to recruit young volunteers
  • Need younger participation
  • Diverse groups all serve
  • Fun in investing
  • Surprised with number interested
  • Commitment to educate the people on history
  • There are a lot of people who care about things that matter.
  • I need to join the Sons of the American Revolution
  • I need to learn more about the things I currently teach.
  • There are so many people who would take interest in our ALL genealogy course.
  • Individuals not aware of ALL community groups
  • People love learning family stories
  • Lots of energy for history and genealogy
  • There’s a need to collaborate mutually beneficial
  • Lots of energy in the community
  • Need to connect with more organizations
  • Need to let community know about what is in our area
  • Need to be aware of needs all over our area
  • Need for younger generation to get involved
  • I need to learn more
  • Suggest to develop common website/repository for all associated resources in our area
  • Have to get know-how from other people-organizations
What are our next steps in working together?
  • Follow up with those I met today
  • Tell my groups about Magnolia history soc – 5000 books
  • Volunteer together for a common purpose
  • Follow up with interest
  • Reach out to broader public group to recruit from
  • Connect with my church website to volunteering with the community
    • Help each other
  • Share speakers for programs
  • Visit & use library resources
  • Network via Facebook
  • Genealogy/history fair for public
  • The Woodlands is not a city & needs focus
  • I would like to know about community events before they happen
  • Emphasize how this info will strengthen families
  • Support local genealogical society
  • Just do it
  • Make contact with Sons of Revolution reps to learn my next steps to join.
  • Attend some other groups meetings to understand capabilities
  • Central repository of all our resources/knowledge
  • Publish a catalog of MC history & Genealogical resources
  • Share contact information
  • Follow up Expo
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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

What We Care About

What are you inspired to do? What projects would you love to participate in?

Create Searchable Records

  • preservation
  • digitization

Record Oral Histories

  • collection before they are lost

Reach the Younger Generation

  • service opportunities
  • connect families and community

Save Cemeteries

  • maintenance
  • documentation

The Stories That Bind Us New York Times article by Bruce Feiler

Where Good Ideas Come From TED Talk by Steven Johnson A place to look for service opportunities and A place to add your service opportunities

JustServe handout

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Montgomery Co. Community Page Come to the community to collaborate.

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Example of Idea Board 1: What common threads did you find?
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