Monson, New Hampshire

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Monson is a now extinct town, that was incorporated April 1, 1746, and which was comprised of the northwest part of the old Dunstable grant. It was in existance until July of 1770 when, by request of the inhabitants, it was annexed into Amherst, and Hollis.

In 1761 the town petitioned to become part of Hollis, siting that much of the town had very poor soil, and that they were having difficulty establishing a church. In 1770 the north side of the town requested annexation into Amherst, while the south side desired to become part of Hollis. An unsuccessful attempt to reestablish the original town was made in 1782, but failed.

A list of the original settlers, and some ot the town meetings which were held, can be found in Documents Relating to Towns in New Hampshire.

A history of Monson and its relationship with the town of Hollis can be found in The History of the Town of Hollis. The former town of Monson is now situated in the towns of Amherst, Hollis and Milford.

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