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Monaco is an enclave of the Department of Alpes Maritimes of France and is located on the Mediterranean Sea near the French-Italian border. It consists of less than one square mile (465 acres) and includes the communes of Monaco, Monte Carlo and La Condamine. In 1792 civil registration was begun by the French administration, and some records have been kept and stored in the French departmental archives. In 1911 the current constitution was adopted.[1]

Civil Registration (Etat civil)

Research use: Information can be used to compile pedigrees and family groups. Identifies parents, children and spouses and dates and places of vital events. Other relatives are often identified.

Record type: Births, marriages, marriage supplements, deaths, divorces.

Time period: 1792-present.

Contents: Births: Child’s name, birth date and place; parents’ names, residence, and occupation; witnesses’ names, ages, relationships, residences; indexes. Marriages; Bride and groom names, ages, residences, occupations; sometimes birth dates and places, parents' names, death dates and places; marriage date and place, residences, occupations, witnesses and officer who performed ceremony; date of marriage contract and notary’s name, former spouses, indexes. Marriage supplements: Names of marriage partners; documents showing proofs of births, deaths, prior marriages or divorces; proclamations, intentions, parental consents, contracts, etc. Death registers: Name of deceased, age, death date and place, occupation; name of surviving spouse; informant’s name and residence; cause of death, sometimes birth dates and places, parents’ names, children’s names, indexes. Divorces: Listed on the back of the marriage registers in the municipality where the marriage took place. Includes names, ages, dates and places, occupations, residences. Indexes: Generally yearly, but could include two, three, five and ten year indexes to births, marriages, divorces and deaths. Some are alphabetical, others chronological, by first letter of the surname, all letters, given names, etc.

Location: Civil register offices.

Population coverage: 95%.

Reliability: Excellent.[1]


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