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School records are a primary source for genealogists. The admission registers of schools administered by local authorities, perhaps from the 1870s but more frequently from 1902, usually show under the date of entry, the child's name and address and his or her date of birth. Some registers, but not all, also show the name and occupation of the parent or guardian, the name of the previous school attended and the reason for leaving. For immigrant children the name of the previous school may uniquely provide the pupil's exact place of origin. These admission registers may enable the brothers and sisters of a pupil to be identified in a way that, with frequent names, would be difficult if not impossible in the records of civil registration.

In England fee-paying schools are often misleadingly called "public" schools. Their registers and other records are discussed separately in the article, Public Schools and their Records.

More background material can be found at England School Records and much about the Middlesex Schools can be found at London School Records.

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School Records in Family History Library[edit | edit source]

The school records held by the Family History Library are found in the Place Search of the Library Catalog under one of the following:


See also Lance Jacob, Register of English school, college, and university registers housed in the collection of the Genealogical Society of Utah as of April 1981 [Family History LIbrary typescript 942 J24c].

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