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Organizations[edit | edit source]

Many organizations and resources exist to help people find Mexican ancestors. Some such organizations and resources are as follows:

Records[edit | edit source]

The term genealogy is used in this article and in the FamilySearch Catalog to describe a variety of records containing family information gathered by family members other researchers, societies, and archives. These records may include pedigree charts, family records, correspondence, ancestor lists, research exchange files, record abstracts, and collections of original or copied documents. These records can be excellent sources of information that can save you valuable time. Because they are compiled from several sources, the records must be carefully evaluated for accuracy.

Major Databases[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library has several sources that contain information that has been researched or can lead you to others who are interested in sharing family information. These sources include:

International Genealogical Index (IGI). The index provides names and vital information for millions of deceased persons who lived in Mexico. This valuable research tool lists birth, christening, or marriage date information. The index for Mexico includes names extracted from parish registers by volunteers and names submitted by other researchers.

The International Genealogical Index is available on microfiche and compact disc as part of FamilySearch™. If you are using the microfiche, you need to know which state to search. If you are using the compact disc, however, the computer will search the entire country for any name.

This is a website for Mexico IGI batch numbers listed by towns within each state of Mexico. This site is a work in progress.

Ancestral File. This file, which is part of FamilySearch, contains family history information, linked in family groups and pedigrees, that has been submitted to the Family History Library since 1979. As of 1992 the file contains the names of millions of persons, including thousands of Mexican families. Ancestral File can print pedigree charts, family group records, and individual summary sheets for any person in the file.

Family Group Records Collection. More than 8 million family group record forms have been microfilmed in the Family Group Records Collection. This includes many Mexican families. There are two major sections in this collection: the "Archive Section" and the "Patrons Section." The film numbers for both sections are listed in the "Author/Title" section of the FamilySearch Catalog under family group records collection.

Family History Library Collections[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library has collections of genealogical material that include Mexican families. This material includes published and unpublished family histories and lineages.

One large collection of genealogical material was begun by Alberto García Carraffa, and continued by Endika de Mogrobejo:

García Carraffa, Alberto and Artur García Carraffa. Diccionario Heráldico y Genealógico de Apellidos Españoles y Americanos (Heraldic and Genealogy Dictionary of Spanish and American Surnames). Madrid: Nueva Imprenta Radio, 1952–1963. 86 vols. (FHL book 946 D6gc.) [The first 76 volumes of this same collection can also be found on microfilm on FHL films 0035112–0035122]

Mogrobejo, Endika de. Diccionario Hispanoamericano de Heráldica, Onomástica y Genealogía: Adicción [sic] al Diccionario Heráldico y Genealógico de Apellidos Españoles y Americanos, por Albert y Artur García Carraffa (Hispanic-American Dictionary of Heraldry, Proper Names and Genealogy: Addition to the Heraldic and Genealogical Dictionary of Spanish and American Surnames by Albert and Artur García Carraffa). Bilbao: Edit. Mogrobejo-Zabala, 1995–. (FHL book 946 D6gc.)

Another large genealogical source comes from investigations by the Holy Office of Mexico into allegations that surfaced during the Inquisition. These records include a printed index, but the index is tedious to research:

Procesos del Santo Oficio de México, 1522–1820 (Proceedings of the Holy Office of Mexico, 1522–1820). (FHL films 003797–0035109.)

Genealogical collections are listed in the FamilySearch Catalog under:




If you find your surname in any of the sources described in the list of results, determine whether the entry actually pertains to your family, since all persons with the same surname are not necessarily related. Often you will have to do some original research before you can connect your ancestry to families listed in these sources.

Family Histories[edit | edit source]

Some Mexican families have produced histories that may include genealogical information, biographies, photographs, and other excellent information. These usually include several generations of the family.

The Family History Library has a limited number of published Mexican family histories. Copies at the Family History Library are listed in the Surname Search of the FamilySearch Catalog. Not every name found in a family history will be listed in the catalog; only the major surnames discussed in the family history are included.