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Life Story Room

Facilities are available at the Mesa Arizona FamilySearch Library Training Center for patrons to make a video recording of their life story. Reservations will be required, and patrons will leave with their recorded life story in digital form on a flash drive for only the cost of the drive ($6.00 exact cash only). What a wonderful way to capture and share memories! Call for a reservation and information at 480-964-1200.

Download our worksheet below for some ideas on how to begin your life story. Everything Early Childhood to Adulthood; you can choose which major life events you would like to cover in the the 1 hour that you have. Suggested Life Story Interview Questions.

More Info

The cost of the thumb drive is $6.00 (exact cash only). Each flash drive will hold three 1-hour sessions of video. Therefore, additional 1-hour sessions can be scheduled if desired. The recording equipment and room with a home like setting will be provided at the library. The room is small. It will have room for the interviewee and possibly one or two interviewers, one standing, one sitting. If the person would like more people to interact with, others could take turns coming into the room.