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The following are online links of persons who were born, lived, or died in Maxwell, Colfax County, New Mexico. You are more than wellcome to add your link. They are listed alphabetically below, including online search databases.


  •  James "JJ" Anthony Arcangeli Sr., 2009 obituary, Pasadena, Texas.
  •  John William Atwater, family information.
  •  Dolly Harger Bartlett, obituary, mother of Dr. H.G. Bartlett.
  •  Roscoe C Bonney, obituary, 1925.
  •  George Samuel Brooks married Winnie L Beauchamp, service station operator, Holdeman Descendants, page 214.
  •  Frank Brookshier married Florence Mehlhop, family tree and family information. Author.


  •  Donald J Caffrey, 1906 entomologist.
  •  Sam C Campbell, obituary, sugar beet industrialist.
  •  Trinidad Cardenas, 1987 obituary, Pueblo, Colorado.
  •  Ferry Carpenter, visitor Si Dawson's ranch., page 339.
  •  Emil Ciganovich, obituary.
  •  Helen Ciganovich, obituary.
  •  Oran Edwin Clark married Lela Dorotha Benson, family information.
  •  Joseph S and Parolee C Cullender, family information.
  • Noah Dietrich, CEO Howard Hughes Empire, obituary, and biography.
  • Shelton Dodson, grandmother, boadcaster's biography.
  • Frances Duckett married Barton William Wherrett, family tree.


  • Lucille Eichholtz, oral history.
  • Tom Farmer's fathers' (John Wilson Farmer) obituary, Kiowa cemetery, Oklahoma.
  •  Arlene O Fitzpatrick, 2002 Obituary, Albuquerque Journal, daughter of Jack and Lillie Dickman Fragale.
  •  Zerah Matilda Fudge, family tree.
  •  Florence Poulton Fulk, family tree and information.


  •  Nora L Gilliland married Archie O Campbell, family tree and family history.
  •  James Wiley Gilstrap, 1999 Obituary, Albuquerque Journal.
  •  Joyce Christine Gleaves, Buckman family tree.
  •  Godfrey Goodner, family history and family tree.
  •  Alfonso Griego, oral history.
  •  Elza Griffin, 1911 school superintendent.
  •  John W Hall, Dorine Cloris Hall, family tree
  •  Wesley D Harris, WW II Distinguished Service Cross, full citation.
  •  Glidden Hinman, 1908 swine breeder and farmer.
  •  Eunice Hodges, family information and family tree, married Charles Smith.
  •  E.A. Hudkins, 1918 notary and realtor.  


  •  Tomasita "Tommie" Jaramillo, daughter of Celedon and Castula Romero, obituary.
  •  Rouye Edna Jarmon married Emmett Roberts Dawson, memoirs including Dawson cousins.
  • Kathryn Elizabeth Jolley (1921, Maxwell - 1982, Show Low, Arizona, White Mountain Independent obituary.


  •  Launey Alfred Lawson, family tree.
  •  Jack T Layton, 2007 obituary, Lincolnton, Georgia, Augusta Chronicle.
  •  Ignacio Lopez, notary public.
  •  Roy Travis Lovin, obituary, son of Oscar and Clara Morrison Lovin.


  •  Edward Rogers Manning, rancher, p 710.
  •  Curtis Martin married Ann Federici, photos, page 90.
  •  Gloria Martinez, family tree and history.
  •  Helen Marie Martinez Minton, oral history, page 154.
  •  Martin Martinez, obituary.
  •  M.T. McDowell, Board of Trustees, Reform School.
  •  Joseph William McKinley, 29th Infantry Division, WWII.
  •  Antime Joseph Meloche, territorial pioneer. pp 671-675.
  •  Marion V Menapace, daughter of Lawrence and Emma Ayer, 2002 Albuquerque Journal obituary.
  •  Yolanda Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell and Amalia Bernal family,
  •  Betty Alderete Muniz, 2010 obituary, daughter of Stella and Raymond Dominguez.


  •  Mary Martina Peavler, family tree, married John Thomas McRay and  James Caleb Kelly.
  •  Gladys Mozell Cullender Pompeo, family information.
  •  Ruth Mary Power (1900-1992), family tree.
  •  Nell Pyle, 1906 school teacher.


  •  Andrew Thomas Rainwater and James Bell Rainwater, family tree.
  •  Loretta Jean Rister, family tree, daughter of Travis and Ruby Fudge Rister.
  •  Alda Rosier Robinson, death.
  •  Anastacio Andy Romero, 2003 obituary, LomaLinda, California.
  •  Lawrence William Rosier and family.
  •  George Augustus Rumbaugh and family, died Tempe, Arizona, 1964.


  •  Shawn Sisneros, biography.
  •  Beaulah "Boots" Smart, daughter of Robert and Pearl Mitchell, obituary.
  •  Charles P Smith, assistant bank cashier, Hodges family history.


  •  Marcelino Gruver Vigil and family.
  •  Grace Ellen Whiteley, married Enoch Alfred Wood, family tree.
  •  Jeanne Wilde Wilkins, memoirs, including Dawson cousins.
  •  Jewel Lilly Wilson (86), obituary, Las Vegas Optic, May 12, 1967.

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