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French Historical Society Collection

Research use: Of great value for those of French ancestry.

Record type: Card index of vital events.

Time period: Early to 1820.

Contents: Card index of 60,000 cards covering early French families, includes names, dates, births, deaths, marriages, etc.: 21 volumes of family records.

Location: Mauritius Central Archives.

Population coverage: Less than 10% before 1700; approximately 80% of the French population, 1700-1820.

Reliability: Secondary source.[1]

Chinese Genealogies

Research use: Excellent family linkage material; good family history information.

Record type: Pedigree charts, family group forms.

Time period: 1800 to present.

Contents: Pedigree charts; vital information for individuals, particularly males; biographies.

Location: Private individuals and voluntary associations in major population centers throughout the islands.

Population coverage: Less than 5%. Note that given the relative density of Chinese population in certain of these islands, 5% includes a considerable number of people. The other records in these islands contain virtually no information on the Chinese. These are the only sources, apart from the Chinese voluntary association records, which have extensive information on the Chinese.

Reliability: Good.[1]


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