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What is the Map/Society Page Project?

The Map/Society Page Project was a pilot program started in 2012. Unfortunately, this project was cancelled in 2013. However, you can still create a society wiki page for your society.

What does a Society Wiki Page Include?

Your society page can include:

  • Purpose of the Society
  • Holdings of your society including, record collections, indexes, publications, etc.
  • List of Look up Services
  • Benefits of joining your Society
  • Society meetings
  • Society projects

View a Society Wiki page example.

How Can a Society Wiki Page Help A Society?

  • Drives new traffic to your society website
  • Connects to Map that gets thousands of hits a day
  • Free advertising for your society
  • Showcases your society to a worldwide audience
  • Gives a web presence for those without a society website
  • Builds membership

Learn more about what the FamilySearch Wiki can do for your organization.

How Do You Create a Society Wiki Page?