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Notarial Records

Notarial records (Akte notaris)

Research use: Excellent linkage source. Some records are indexed. Records show vital information for individuals, families and relatives.

Record type: Records of notary publics regarding wills, contracts, marriages, inheritance, sale and transfer of property, annuities, mortgages, inventories, orphans records.

Time Period: 1642-present.

Contents: Wills, codicils, probates: Testator’s names, heirs, witnesses, residences, dates, property descriptions, distributions, signatures. Marriage dowries, contracts: names, relatives, witnesses, dates, conditions, properties, signatures. Divisions of estates and deeds: heirs, sellers, buyers, witnesses, officials, residences, property descriptions, guardianship assignments for orphans, apprenticeships. Orphans records: Will abstracts, authorizations, prospective guardians, acceptances, appointments, orphans’ names, parents, relatives, guardians, ages, residences.

Location: National, municipal archives.

Population coverage: 20%.

Reliability: Very good.[1]


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