Loudoun, Scotland Burial Records

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The Established Church of Scotland kept burial records from 1811 to 1857. They were written phonetically so a lot of variations of the same name appear. The same scribe, Andrew McPherson, kept these records for the whole time period. He seemed to be concerned about identifying the exact individual who died. If there was more than one individual in the parish with the same name, or a father with the same name, Andrew McPherson would add descriptive information. Some examples follow:

20 May 1853 Jean Wilson an Infant Child of Ross Wilson in Darvel Son in Law of Alexander Morton agent in Darvel.
16 May 1850 George Morton Son of John Morton weaver & Grand Son of John Wilson weaver Comonly Called Keak for a Destincan hi Dyed with the Measels

Notice the use of occupations, locations, nicknames and relationships to identify the people involved.

Some entries provide humorous insights into community life, such as:

31 Oct 1853 David Wilson Labrourer in Darvel he was a great Miser & was found laying dead in his own House and was Suposed to have dyed 8 days before his nebours found him.

There were generally 50 to 100 burials recorded each year. However, between 1845 and 1850 there was a great increase in deaths due to diseases. Andrew McPherson wrote this note at the end of 1849:

"there has been 202 funerals in Newmilns Church yard this year 1849 which is the most number that I have had in my time as Church Officer which is 39 years"

The burial register can be found on film FHL BRITISH Film 1041394