Layton Utah Family Search Center/Green Room Photo Studio

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  • No reservation necessary.
  • The Green Room Photo Studio uses the green screen technology to create photographs of you in places you may want to visit.
  • Have your picture taken by selecting from the three sections on the screen: My Heritage, Temples and Utah
  • My Heritage has photos from places all over the world. Select a picture that shows where your ancestors or family are from or other places of interest.
  • Temples has photos of the LDS temples from around the world. Select one that has meaning to you or a place you would like to visit
  • Utah has photos from all over the state of Utah. Your background could be in the red rock country, the high mountains or any place in between.
  • Be sure to stand on the foot prints on the floor and look at the camera as the count down begins in order to get the best picture.
  • The photo is sent to you immediately after the picture is taken by either email or a text with a code that comes up on the screen.