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Our New Hours
Mon&Fri 10AM-3PM
Tue&Wed 10AM-8PM
By Reservations Only
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Please call ahead at 702-382-9695 to reserve your group reservation.[edit | edit source]

Your group experience[edit | edit source]

Over 100 helpful staff members are available to provide individual and group experiences. We want your group to enjoy being involved in their own family history, preserving memories of ancestors, becoming acquainted with ancestors’ lives and recording memories of family and being familiar with indexing. We hope you come to feel the joy of connecting with family past, present and future.

Types of groups that visit the library[edit | edit source]

  • Family Reunions, Family Home Evenings
  • Women’s organizations, Relief Society
  • Youth groups ages 11- 18 and younger ages 8 - 11
  • Family history leadership and ward and stake consultants
  • Youth Conference, Women’s Conference, Leadership Conference
  • Organizations: Descendants of the Civil War, Daughters of the American Revolution, Mayflower Descendants and Utah Pioneers, Nevada African American Genealogy Society
  • Ethnic Genealogical Groups: Jewish, Hispanic, European, English, Scandinavian

Making a reservation to attend the library with your group[edit | edit source]

  • Call the library at 702-382-9695 to discuss all your options.
  • We will help you design your visit from a variety of activities and experiences.
  • Most group visits are for 1 hour.
  • Please try to make the reservation a few days in advance so the staff can be available to assist.

Preparation for a successful group experience.[edit | edit source]

  • Please plan ahead for the experience you would prefer.
  • Church of Jesus Christ Youth Church Groups should be accompanied by a member of the Bishopric or ward clerk and ward Family History Consultants.
  • Be sure each participant has a FamilySearch account and can verify they recall their username and password.
  • To recover a forgotten username or password, the participant must have access to the cell phone or email which is associated with their account.
  • For youth ages 8-13, parental assistance is required to open an account.
  • All other persons ages 13 and older must bring a personal cell phone or have access to a personal email to open a FamilySearch account.
  • In preparation, participants should go into their FamilySearch account and add their personal family history to the tree.
  • Try to add at least one or two deceased ancestors with their name at birth, dates and other family members (spouse, children, parents and siblings).
  • For help connecting new accounts to a parent account, youth should bring a print out of their parent's trees.

Choose a group experience below[edit | edit source]

  • Introduction to Indexing
  • Introduction to using FamilySearch
  • Make a group video. Participants share their experiences and preserve their smiles and voices for the future
  • Youth mission preparation and the powerful connection of family past, present and future
  • Discovery Experience using our 55” touch screen monitors or the discovery experiences in
  • Youth Groups ages 11-18 find names for Temple work and discover the story behind the ancestor
  • Special Experience for younger children ages 8 to 11 might be to select from computer basics, make a group video, make a scrapbook of major great events in their ancestors’ lives
  • Participate in a seminar and discussion on the doctrine of family history found in the scriptures
  • Learn how to use your cell phone to record family history memories and find sources and add them to your family history
  • Family History consultant training and review of skills needed to help others with their family history
  • Leadership Preparation - Motivating seminar about involving all persons in family history oriented activities
  • Tour our historic building and hear the stories behind the building
  • Training and use of our preservation & digitizing equipment

Come with your own experience[edit | edit source]

  • Customized classes You may use our lab or classroom for your own group presentations. Our experienced staff can work with you and present classes on a variety of topics.

Our staff and resources will be available to you.[edit | edit source]