Kurdish Personal Names

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Surnames[edit | edit source]

  • Many Iraqi Kurds have adopted Arabic naming customs.
  • Some Iraqi Kurds and Kurds in other countries, such as Turkey, have a geographical or tribal name as a last name or have adopted a grandfather’s or great grandfather’s personal name as a family name.
  • Familial relationships:
Kurdish women do not traditionally take their husband’s family name on marriage, although some may do so in Western societies.
Children typically adopt their father’s family name.

Given Names[edit | edit source]

  • There are some traditional Kurdish names still in use.
a. male personal names: Diaco, Kochar, Redoir, Roj, Jochar, Sherko;
b. female personal names: Aveen, Awat, Dilsoz, Sidar, Zhian.
  • Some Kurds use their father’s/grandfather’s or mother’s/grandmother’s personal name as a middle name:e.g.,
(husband) Haval BARZANI
(wife) Aveen SINJARI
(son) Diaco Haval BARZANI
(daughter) Sidar Aveen BARZANI

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