Keeseville, Clinton County, New York Genealogy

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United States Gotoarrow-kelly.png New York Gotoarrow-kelly.png Clinton County Gotoarrow-kelly.png Town of Au Sable Gotoarrow-kelly.png Keeseville
United States Gotoarrow-kelly.png New York Gotoarrow-kelly.png Essex County Gotoarrow-kelly.pngTown of Chesterfield Gotoarrow-kelly.png Keeseville

Quick Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Keeseville is a village split in two towns and two counties. Name for Richard Keese, the manufacturer living in the area. Was formerly named Anderson Falls.
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Church History and Records[edit | edit source]

Methodist[edit | edit source]

  • The church record of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1843-1854 FHL Collection
  • Seventy-fifth anniversary of the Methodist Episcopal Church: November, Nineteen Hundred and Two; Rev. Joel Webster Eaton, D. D., presiding elder, Rev. Thomas Oliver Grieves, preacher in charge FHL Collection

Roman Catholic[edit | edit source]

  • Church of the Immaculate Conception, Keeseville, New York; St. Catherine of Sienna - Mission, Clintonville, New York, 1835 (marriages - births - deaths) FHL Collection
  • Church of the Immaculate Conception, Church records, 1848-1915 FHL Collection
    Baptisms 1848-1915
    Confirmations 1872-1908
    Marriages 1849-1881, 1881-1915
    Burials 1873-1915
  • St. Jean Baptiste de Keeseville, Church records, 1899-1915 FHL Collection
    Sometimes the congregation was referred to as the "Congregation canadienne de Clintonville."
  • St. Catherine of Sienna Church, Church records, 1899-1915 FHL Collection
    Baptisms 1899-1915
    Marriages 1900-1913
    Burials 1899-1915
    First communion 1901-1912
    Confirmations 1901-1913
  • Parish St. John the Baptist FHL CollectionFHL Collection
    baptisms and burials, 1853-1880

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