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Cadastral surveys[edit | edit source]

Research use: These records establish individual identity and residence; may sometimes establish family groups.

Record type: The Ottoman Turks conducted extensive surveys of land and population for tax purposes. Some of the early surveys showed only number of household members and no names.

Time period: 1516-1914.

Contents: Names of heads of households and of any other taxpayers living in the same households, occupation and income, sometimes include names of females and children.

Location: National Archives in Amman and at local governmental archives.

Population coverage: Less than 10%. Women and children are generally not listed and remote localities may not be surveyed.

Reliability: Good.[1]

Registers of endowed properties[edit | edit source]

Research use: This is one of the best sources of lineage linked genealogical information in Islamic society. These registers provide genealogical trees, family groups, and family lineage.

Record type: Accounts of land deeded to a mosque or charitable institution, the revenues of which are divided among the descendants of the donor. When there are no more descendants the revenues accrue to the institution.

Time period: 1200 to present.

Contents: Names of heirs, including even wives and daughters, over several generations.

Location: At Islamic law court [sharia] archives in various cities.

Population coverage: Less than 30%; pertain only to families with property.

Reliability: Excellent.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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