Johnson Park, Colfax County, New Mexico, Settlers

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Source: . The Johnson Mesa Story by Father Stanley, May 1965. Reprinted in Colfax Communities by William Carroll, Coda Publications 2006.

                  Book available at the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library in Raton, NM., or through the inter library loan system with your local library. Consult World cataloguing system by clicking here.

The following is an alphabetical surname list of interesting persons listed in this story. 


Mrs. R. E. Aird, Hiram Allison, Matt Anderson, Matt Andrews, John Arthur; 

W.C. Barnes, Bazzil family, Mrs. Beck, school teacher; Billy Belisle, Fayette Belisle, Hazel Belisle, Ira Belisle,

John Belisle, Jim Belisle, Mable Belisle, Millie Belisle, Mitty Belisle, Riggin Belisle, Rolla Belisle, Tom Belisle,

Willie Belisle, Lon Bell, Marion Bell, Will Bell, John Berry, Pat Berry, Pat Berry Sr.(settled in 1884), Dr. Bill, 

L. Billings, Anna Bills, Blough family, Abe Brown, Cecil Brown, school teacher; Mabel Brown, Miss Brown, school teacher;

Lou Brown, Mrs. O.E. Brown, David Buchanan, John Buchanan, Ed W. Burch, Nellie Burch, Verne Burch, Willie Burch, 

Charles Burley, Mrs. W. A. Butler, school teacher; Butts,


Canpling, J.M. Clark,

Annie Dale, Arthur Dale, Ed Dale, J.P. Dale, school board member, justice of the peace, and road overseer; Jim Dale,

Laura Dale, Maude Dale, Roy Dale, Walter Dale, Jim Douglas, Louis Douglas, Elvin Duncan, Col. Dwyer,

Clyde English, Lizzie English, School Teacher; Pap English, Thomas English,

John Fanning, Ada Floyd, Dick Floyd, Elizabeth Floyd, school teacher; Fred Floyd, Henry Floyd, Mrs. Henry Floyd,

Jim Floyd, Joe Floyd, John Floyd, Nellie Floyd, Richard Floyd, Tom Floyd, William Floyd, C. U. Fowler,

Maude S. Freeman, school teacher;


Estelle Gohrman, Jed Gillum, Billie Godwin, Will Gordon, Gretchen Gorman, Pearl Groves,

Miss Harding, school teacher; George Hart, John Hastings, Amos Hecq, Henry, John Holeyfield, Hollis, Tom Honey family,

George Honeycomb, Grace Honeycomb, school teacher; Bill Honeyfield, Charley Honeyfield,

George Honeyfield, Postmaster; Harry Honeyfield, Johnny Honeyfield, Mark Honeyfield, Will Honeyfield, Johnny Horner,

Harry James, Elijah "Lige" Johnson, Evert Johnson,

Kilmarry, Gretchen Kohrman,

Albert Lake, Thomas Lark, Llewellyn, Polly Lovehard,


John Matthew, Tom McBride, Dave McKee, McMurray, Antone Meloche, Tony Meloche, Dr. I.J. Morgan, physician;

Dora Moore, Roy Moore, W.J. Moore, John Morrow, Mae Murphy, school teacher; Murray family, Myers,

Nash Nauta, Onea Nauta, Paul Nauta, William Neisch, 

O'Donnell, Orin, George Pace, 

Ira Parsons, Miss Patterson, school teacher; William C. Payne, Thomas Payner, Pedens, Pierce, Sam Piper,

Edgar Popejoy, Potts, Poynton, Preston,

John Rankin, Charlie Rathburn, Sam Rathburn, W. Rathburn, Bonnie Renolds, school teacher; Harvey Roberts,

Harry Robertson, Harry Rodda, Peter Ross, Ella Routh, Jack Routh, John Routh, Manila Routh, Mary Routh, Pete Routh,


Talbot Sargent, Fred Schoops, Les Scoop, Jim Seek, Shirley, Bud Shoemaker, Lud Shoemaker, Claude Shoemaker,

Edna Short, Henry Short, John Siegwal, Charlie Simon, Eddie Simon, Patrick Simon, Tom Simon, Ed Simons,

Pat Simons, Ross Simons, J.W. Sinnock, Methodist preacher; Skinner family, Jake Smith, Maggie Smith, school teacher;

W.H. Smith, Sadie Smythe, Sperry family, Frank Stubblefield,

Miss Tekel, school teacher; Tom Thacher, Thorpe, Arthur Towndrow,  Dick Towndrow, Harry Towndrow,

Herberry Towndrow, George Towndrow, J.H. Towndrow, James Towndrow, Mary Towndrow, Richard Towndrow,

Will Towndrow, Turner,


Jack Utton, Postmaster;

Jimmie Vallice, Jim Vanderford, 

Jimmie Wallace, Whistler family, Charles Wiley, Hazel Williams, Tom Williams, Bobby Wills, Harry Wills, John Wills,

Nat Wills, Robert Wills, E.M. Wilson, school teacher; Fay Wilson, Vera Wilson, Charlie Woodhouse, George Woodhouse,

Woods, school teacher, Rev. William Wright, Methodist Minister;  

Bill Young, Clarence Young,