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Compiled Genealogies[edit | edit source]

The term compiled genealogy is used in this Wiki article to describe a variety of records containing family information previously gathered by other researchers, societies, or archives. These records can include pedigree charts, compiled data on families, correspondence, ancestor lists, research exchange files, record abstracts, and collections of original or copied documents. These can be excellent sources of information that can save you valuable time. Because they are secondary sources of information, however, they must be carefully evaluated for accuracy.

  • Various documents related to early French families in Jamaica at Jamaican Family History Genealogy Research Library
  • Archbould - 'Archbould of Jamaica,' Caribbeana, Vol. 2 (1912):338-342. Digital version at dLOC - free.
  • Bowles - 'Bowles of Jamaica,' Caribbeana, Vol. 6 (1919):138. Digitised by dLOC - free.
  • Brodrick - 'Brodrick of Jamaica,' Caribbeana, Vol. 6 (1919):50-52. Digital version at dLOC - free.
  • Brooks - 'Pedigree of Brooks of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica,' Caribbeana, Vol. 2 (1912):49-53. Digital version at dLOC - free. Continued in Vol. 6 (1919):26. Digital version at dLOC - free.
  • Delgado - Porter, Stephen Delgado. A History of the Delgado Family, Jamaica, West Indies: With Branches in the United States of America and the United Kingdoms. Peterborough, UK: S.D. Porter, [1985?]. FHL Book 929.27292 D378p.
  • Duany - Sluby, Paul E. The Duany Family Register: A Genealogical History of the Duany Family, Parish of Portland, Jamaica, West Indies. Washington, D.C.: Sluby, 1976. FHL Book 929.27292 D85s.
  • DuPuy - DuPuy, Charles Meredith and Herbert DuPuy. A Genealogical History of the DuPuy Family. Pittsburgh, Pa.: H. DuPuy, 1910. Digital version at Internet Archive - free; FHL Film 1035643 Item 10.
  • Farquhar - Gerardine, Rita Farquhar. George Farquhar, MD of Scotland, G.B.; Jamaica, W.I. and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Export, Pa.: R.F. Gerardine, 2000. Digital version at FamilySearch Digital Library.
  • Franklyn - Franklyn, Charles Aubrey Hamilton. A Short Genealogical & Heraldic History of the Families of Frankelyn of Kent and Franklyn of Antigua and Jamaica, B.W.I.: Together with Sections of the Families Bolton of Sandford and Gray of Billericay. London: Edward O. Beck LTD, 1932. FHL Book 929.242 F851f.
  • Franklyn - Franklyn, Charles Aubrey Hamilton. The genealogy of Anne the Quene (Anne Bullen) & other English families including Broughton of Impens, N.Petherton, Bridgwater, co. Somerset; Pontifex of West Wycombe, co. Buckingham; Waddington of Mexborough, co. York; Walwyn of Kilmersdon and Frome., co. Somerset, and of Bognor Regis, co. Sussex : together with a supplement to a short genealogical and heraldic history of four families (London, Edward O. Beck, Ltd., July 1932) ... Brighton, UK: C.A.H. Franklyn, 1977. FHL Book 929.242 B873f.
  • Giscombe - Morrison, Lorel G. The Prism: A Partial Saga of the Giscombe Family; Their Mystical Rise from Jamaica to World Fame. Baltimore, Md.: Gateway Press, 1998. FHL Book 929.27292 G446m.
  • Griffitts - Griffitts, Frank P. Genealogical Tables of the Griffitts Family from 1752 to 1887. Lancaster, Pa.: Daily Intelligencer Printing, 1887. Digital version at FamilySearch Digital Library.
  • Hall - Paterson, David Alan. The Halls of Jamaica - Allegonda's Legacy. Cheltenham, Victoria: D.A. Paterson, 2000. FHL Book 929.27294 H14p.
  • Hawtayne - 'Pedigree of Hawtayne of Jamaica,' Caribbeana, Vol. 6 (1919):1-6. Digital version at dLOC - free.
  • Herring - 'Pedigree of Herring of Jamaica,' Caribbeana, Vol. 2 (1912):11-13. Digital version at dLOC - free.
  • Lawrence - 'Lawrence of Jamaica,' Caribbeana, Vol. 6 (1919):121-132. Digitised by dLOC - free.
  • Lynch - 'Pedigree of Sir Thomas Lynch, Governor of Jamaica,' Caribbeana, Vol. 2 (1912):99-108, 145-151. Digital version at dLOC - free.
  • McFarlane Finley, Carmen J. "The McFarlings: From Virginia to the California Gold Rush," The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 44, No. 1 (Jan.-Mar. 2000):3-12; Vol. 44, No. 2 (Apr.-Jun. 2000):131-145; Vol. 44, No. 3 (Jul.-Sep. 2000):186-195; Vol. 44, No. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 2000):275-292. Digital version at American Ancestors ($). FHL Book 975.5 B2vg.
  • McLaughn - Lowing, Frank C. History and Genealogy of the Lowing Family: William Lowing and Anna Haight. Cleveland, Ohio: Fremont Printing and Publishing Co., 1922. FHL Film 1673561 Item 1.
  • Metcalfe - "Metcalfe Families," The William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 5, No. 1 (Jul. 1896):10-15. Digital version at JSTOR - free.
  • Nembhard - Nembhard, Mabel. Nembhard of Jamaica. n.d. FHL Book 929.27292 N341n.
  • Owsley - Owsley, Harry Bryan. Genealogical Facts of the Owsley Family in England and America: From the Time of 'Restoration' to the Present. Chicago, Ill., 1890; reprint, Hubbard, Ohio: Owsley, 1971. Digital version at FamilySearch Digital Library, FHL Book 929.273 Ow6a.
  • Owsley - Weddell, Monty Thomas Ousley. Our American Heritiage and Ousley Genealogical History. Dallas, Texas: Consumer Management Service, 1980. FHL Collection.
  • Parker - The Colonial Dames of America. Ancestral Records and Portraits, 2 vols. New York: The Grafton Press Publishers, 1910. Digitized by Internet Archive: Vol. I and Vol. II - both free.
  • Ricketts - Genealogy of the Ricketts Family. FHL Book Large Q 929.273 R424g.
  • Sinclair - Grigsby, Jean. Sinkler, Sinclair, St. Claire: National Genealogical Quarterly, 1989-1992. FHL Book 929.27305 Si62s.
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  • Tipton - Tipton Family Association of America and Dale Reed. TFAA Newsletter (Tipton Family Association of America). Orlando, Fla.: Tipton Family Association of America, 1987-. FHL Book 929.27305 T499.
  • Vassall - Madero, Fernando. 'The Vassalls of London and Jamaica,' in Lindsay L. Brook, ed., Studies in Genealogy and Family History in Tribute to Charles Evans on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday. Salt Lake City, Utah: Association for the Promotion of Scholarship in Genealogy, 1989. FHL Book 929.1 St94.
  • Wilkerson - Wilkerson, Lynn R. Wilkerson Genealogical Register, 1995-1996. FHL Book 929.27305 W652.

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FamilySearch Catalog[edit | edit source]

Many family histories can be found on the FamilySearch Catalog by performing a surname search:

  • Go to the FamilySearch Catalog
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  • Type in the search field the last name of the family that you are researching

OR to filter by location and surname:

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Oral Genealogies[edit | edit source]

Oral genealogies are spoken lineages that are common in certain parts of the world. Oral Genealogies can be especially useful in localities where few if any written records exist and in some cultures are the main genealogical tool for researchers.

There are not many oral genealogies online for Jamaica, and therefore, interviewing likely family members of the deceased individuals may be more productive than searching for oral genealogies online.