Italian Indexing and Handwriting Helps

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Getting Started

Instructions for New Italian Indexers

New Entries -

Napoli Death Record (Second Version)

Napoli Death Record (Third Version)

Italian Files


Adult Registration of Birth

Birthday in Previous Month and Year


A Study of the Letter Z

C's vs. T's

Comparison of "L" and "S"

Difficult Letter I

Double Letters—"zz" and "ss"

More on Letters I and J

Samples of the Letter J (Revised)

Strange "D's"

Unusual Letter "D"


Abbreviated Given Names

Additional Information after Given Name

Alias Names

Another Double Surname Situation




Crossed Out Names and Unusual Names

  • The consistent method for deleting information is to put a box around it, rather than to draw a line through it.  Typically the box will precede the correct version of what is in the box.

Diacritic Accent Marks in Italian Records


Double Surnames


How to Identify Unusual Given Name


Mother's Name Incomplete

Name with an Alias



Occupation, Not Given Name

Occupations Mistaken for Given Names

  • A useful site for determining if something is a surname or an occupation is where you can enter what you see as Italian and see the result as English (e.g., ragioniere translates as accountant... obviously not a name)

Sample Names

Scribal Help for Difficult Name

Spelling Problems

Unknown Father

Watch for Additions to Given Names



Unusual Number 5

Unusual Number 7


Having Trouble Navigating?

How to Deal with a Correction

Instructions for Napoli Records (revised)

Interesting Observations

Name Not in Lookup List

Napoli Birth Record With Spouse

Napoli Death Records

Napoli Death Record (Second Version)

Napoli Death Record (Third Version)

Napoli Marriage Records (Second Revision)

New Napoli Format

Record Mostly Blank

Surname Search Website: Very Useful New Tool to verify unusual surnames

  • Unusual surnames that don't appear on the lookup list can often be found at this website, showing them to be local to the area being indexed.
  • There are often only a very few families with such surnames.
  • Surnames from Northern Italy are often influenced by neighboring Switzerland and France.

Using Special International Characters

Variations from Normal Entries

Another Variation of a Female Informant

Informant is the Midwife (Levatrice)

Informant is the Mother

Mother's Name Incomplete

Mother's Name Unstated

Unmarried Woman

Yet Another Variation of a Normal Entry