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There are five levels of jurisdiction in Indonesia.

  • Level 0 is the national level, the soverign state of Indonesia (Negara)
  • Level 1 are the 34 provinces (provinsi) and special territories (daerah istimewa)
  • Level 2 are cities {kota) and regencies (kabupaten)
  • Level 3 are districts (distrik) and subdistrict (kecamatan)
  • Level 4 are villages (kelurahan and desa). In Aceh province they are known as gampong and in West Sumatra as nagari.

District Court

Many of the records held by FamilySearch come from the Pengadilan Negeri (district court). These courts are located in cities (kota) and regencies (kabupaten) and as a first level court have authority over civil and criminal cases. During the Dutch colonial period (1602-1945) the district courts were known as laandraad.