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Chinese community records (Dokumen persamaan Cina)

This record type includes family histories, compiled genealogies, vital data, memorabilia, immigration, name adoption, Chinese temples and associations data. These records can be used to identify the family place of origin, and often give the name in the original Chinese characters rather than a modified style. These records may give birth, marriage and death information, ancestral tablets, genealogies, family origin data, relatives, memberships. May include census and immigration data. The records exist from the 1700s, but contain information that extends the family line before that date. Records can be found with heirs of Chinese community kapitans, Chinese associations, University of Indonesia.

  • IndoProject Bridging the gap in Dutch-Indonesian genealogy

Registers of adoption of Indonesian names (Daftar pengakuan nama Indonesia)

These records document the assignment of Indonesian names for Chinese and other minorities. They are valuable in locating original names of Chinese immigrants, adoptive children. They contain the person's original name (often in Chinese characters), their new name, and the date the name was changed. These records date from the 1700s to the present. They can be found at local courts and civil registry offices, Chinese community kapitans.