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Idaho Falls Idaho FamilySearch Library/Ward Leadership

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Ward Leadership Activity

Our library is a great RESOURCE to the ward's leaders over temple and family history work. We know it is often difficult as leaders to understand how to begin implementing temple and family history work into the lives of those we have stewardship over. We can help you with some great ideas. Family history work has changed a LOT over the past few years.

Because each organization has a different focus, we created some organization specific training options for you. You can review the basic goals of training by selecting your organization below.

If you are interested in having your leadership group(s) receive training, please CLICK HERE and we will be glad to get your group in for some fun training. The training is about learning what resources are available to you, understanding the program "Discover, Gather, Connect", and discussing some fun ways to get family history work started for the age group you are assigned to.