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Are You Keeping Your Digital Files Safe?

Data Backups? What Are Those?

Have you ever lost any photo or document files? If so, you have felt the gut wrenching experience of loss, especially if those files files were very important to you. All it takes is a sudden hard drive failure to lose everything, even with a new computer.

"I'll Do It Tomorrow?"

A great majority of us tend to procrastinate the backup process. It is not an issue of "IF my computer hard drive crashes", but "WHEN it crashes". Even brand NEW hard drives can crash anytime. Storage devices wear out and have to be replaced often. You might want to ask yourself the following questions:

Have you developed a plan to keep your files always backed up? Is it an automatic backup?

Have you checked to see that the backup service is actually backing up? (operating system backup services are known to just shut off).

What if your computer and backups are stolen, or destroyed in a fire or flood?

Do you have an offsite backup?

Do you have a family member that is responsible to be the "backup person" in your family?

How are you going to make sure that your precious photos and family documents continue to be maintained after you are gone?

Handout on Safely Backing Up Your Digital Files