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Working With Audio Recordings

"Digitizing" is the process of converting your audio tapes into a digital format where they can be stored and listened to on computers, as well as easily shared with others.

Getting your audio recordings into a digital format is not hard, though it may take some time to do so. Our library can help you get started.

Our Library has the digitization equipment to do this. It is an easy process to complete, requiring only a cassette tape player, a double ended mini pin cable that is connected to a Windows or Mac computer that has audio software on it. The easiest, and also free solution for software, is an application called Audacity. There is a little bit of work to get the software application set up, but we can help you with this. We also have some handouts on this as well.

Audio recordings typically take about 1 mb of drive space for every minute of recording. FamilySearch will upload files with a maximum size of 15 mb, or about 15" of recording time. This will limit uploading a whole tape for example. However, editing the tape into many separate stories of smaller size is easily done. This is also actually preferred, as most people will listen to shorter audio clips of stories, rather than sitting and listening for 30-60". We can help you edit those longer recordings down to small 3-5" audio clips of separate stories.

[Handout on Setting Up the Physical Connections between PC and Cassette Player - Coming]

[Handout on Editing With Audacity Software - Coming]