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Idaho Falls Idaho FamilySearch Library/Preserve Our Heritage

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Preserving Our Heritage - Past & Present

Many of us have been handed a heritage rich with stories of our family members. Some of us may have boxes of photographs or slides. There may be those file cabinet drawers filled with documents about our ancestors, or perhaps we have many of those long binders filled with pedigrees and other facts. For those of you who have audio recordings or even the old 8mm movies, those are precious treasures that we need to preserve.

How about our OWN family's VHS tapes documenting all those Christmas, birthday, or vacation events? Have we thought about preserving them or are we going to allow all that heritage to be lost as VHS machines are no longer available to watch them? How about those stories of our own family members, parents, and grandparents? What will happen when they are gone and we have not taken time to write down their stories or memories? It is said that 90% of these facts or stories will be forgotten after 3 generations. Is that not true about the stories of family members born in early 1900s?

Explore the menu options to the upper left to get an idea as to how to preserve this wonderful heritage that we have been given.