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What is Discover, Gather, Connect?

What does it mean to "Discover, Gather, Connect"? This is a catchphrase to help keep us focused on what family history is about. If we are inexperienced and just starting out in family history, we may be opt to "discover" more about our deceased relatives. Discovering helps us "connect" with our deceased relatives. Others may be more experienced and wish to "gather". By preserving our rich heritage of photos, documents, and stories, we are gathering. Others may enjoy finding new family members to add to Family Tree. This is also gathering. Indexing is another way that we can gather names of deceased individuals to a searchable database. As we go through the process of discovery and gathering, our hearts connect to those we learn about.

"Discover" more about your ancestors and their heritage.

* Where did they live?

* What are their stories?

* What did they look like?

* What were their talents or occupations?

* There are so many different facets of our ancestor's lives to be learned about!

"Gather" more information about your ancestors and their heritage.

* Preserve the heritage of photos, stories, documents, audio/video recordings, and other things that we have been given.

* Find new family members to add to your family tree. (FamilySearch technologies make "research" so easy).

* Participate in indexing digitized records to help make these available for those searching the databases for family names.

"Connect" with our deceased ancestors and living cousins.

* We "connect" our thoughts and emotions to our deceased ancestors and collateral line cousins as we learn more about them.

* We "connect" with our LIVING collateral line cousins as we see the contributions of photos, stories, and documents that they post to our common family tree.