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Quick History

Founded in 1860 by twenty three families the town is located in the south end of Cache Valley (Cache County) in northern Utah. Coordinates are approximately 41.6 degrees North 111.85 degrees West.  Most of the early settlers of the village were Scandinavian Mormons (Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and were farmers by tradition.  The town had a post office by 1861 and according to the history of the village (See Reference below.)  the individual credited for being the driving force in the development of the community was Ola Nilsson Liljenquist, a Swedish immigrant born in Ingaberga, Vastra Goinge, Kristianstads Lan, Sweden in 1826.  He was instrumental in the development of the village, businesses and organizations uniting the population to causes for the common good of all.  Shortly after its founding the village was plagued with repeated grasshopper attacks but thru insightful leadership by Mr. Liljenquist and others the town soon had a sawmill, dairy operations and assorted other businesses.  By 1880 the population had reached about 1400.  The town remained a small farming village well into the middle of the 1900's with a population of 1861 in 1930 and still being about 2000 in the 1950's.  By then it sported at least the following:  three gas stations, a drug store, two doctor's offices, a lumber yard, two pub's, a cafe, a general merchantile store, two grocery stores, a confectionary, a woman's apparel boutique, an electronic repair store, an auto repair service, two meat processing plants, a high school, a grade school and the best dance hall/floor in northern Utah (See: Elite Hall-Utah).  Since about 1980 the town has grown dramatically to a population of 6316 in the 2000 census and currently has a signficantly changed business and educational environment.  Reference: "An Enduring Legacy", Daughters Utah Pioneers, 1982, Volume 5, Pages 128-135   


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