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Nobility Records [Nemességi Iratok][edit | edit source]

Nobility Records refer to a variety of records concerning noble families.

Time period: 1400 to 1918.

Contents: Investigations (whether an individual belonged to nobility or not); lists of nobility, genealogical tables, armorials, baptism, marriage, and death certificates, personal family documents and correspondence, wills and testaments, estate records, etc.

Location: Hungarian state archives, Hungarian state regional archives, district archives. Many nobility records are included in distinct family collections at the archives. Some are in private collections.

Research use: For individuals who can prove their connection to a line of nobility these records can prove to be very complete and reliable, extending far beyond the keeping of church registers. Many nobility records can link three to eight generations.

Accessibility: Records may be searched in person only by special permission. Sometimes proof of relationship is required to use these records.