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Honduras Archives and Libraries

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Archives[edit | edit source]

Central American Archives
Center for Research Libraries
6050 S. Kenwood Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637-2804
Telephone: (800) 621-6044/(773) 955-4545
Website: Central American Archives
Website #2: Central American Archives

These archives encompass six million pages of original primary source documents (many of which are unique copies) spanning more than three centuries, from 1519 to 1898. They document Spanish rule in the New World from the founding of the city of Antigua, in Guatemala. The collection documents all aspects of commerce, politics, and development throughout El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Yucatan and Chiapas regions of Mexico. Central American Archives is a rich resource for Latin American, Central American, and Spanish studies.

Center for Regional Research of Mesoamerica (CIRMA)
5a. Calle Oriente No. 5
La Antigua, Sacatepéquez
Telephone: (502) 7931-0300
Website: Historical Archive
Website #2: Center for Mesoamerican Research
Website #3: Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de Mesoamérica (CIRMA)

The Historical Archive has as its main purpose to protect part of the country's historical memory through the rescue, organization, conservation and dissemination of documentary archives. The materials come from non-governmental institutions and private collections and are presented in different formats (paper, digital, microfilm, audio and video). These archives, some unique and others little known, enrich the national historical legacy and offer different points of view of Guatemalan society over time. Its collections, some of which are recognized as the nation's cultural heritage, date from the 16th century to the present, with an emphasis on the contemporary period starting in 1944. It currently houses 135 collections made up of more than eight million documents.

National Archive of Honduras 'Antonio Ramon Vallejo' (Archivo Nacional de Honduras)
Barrio El Centro
Christopher Columbus Avenue
Salvador Mendieta Street
Telephone: (504) 222-8338
Website: National Archive of Honduras
Website #2: National Archive of Honduras turns 132

In the National Archive of Honduras is the documentary funds divided based on the periodization of the History of Honduras, Colonial, Federal and Republican era and additionally has a hemerographic fund and another with the records of land titles of 16 of the 18 departments that administratively form the country.

Libraries[edit | edit source]

Juan Ramón Molina National Library (Biblioteca Nacional Juan Ramón Molina)
Avenida Miguel Cervantes
Telephone: (504) 2222 8577
Website: National Library Juan Ramón Molina
Website #2: National Library Juan Ramón Molina
Website #3: National Library of Honduras "Juan Ramón Molina"

Libreria Cultura
Bo. Guamilito 8 Avenida 1 y 2 Calle
San Pedro Sula
Telephone: (504) 2550 5750
Website: Libreria Cultura

National Autonomous University of Honduras (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras UNAH)
Boulevard Suyapa
Telephone: (504) 235 3361
Website: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras
Website #2: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras UNAH-vs

Riecken Community Libraries
La Fundación Riecken
Apartado Postal #1088
Colonia Ruben Dario, Calle Venecia, 2216
Telephone: (504) 2235 9927/(650) 206 2539
Website: Riecken Community Libraries
Website #2: Bibliotecas Comunitarias Riecken
Website #3: Riecken Community Libraries
Website #4: Biblioteca Publica Copan Ruinas Roberto Sosa
Website #5: Public Library of Santa Lucia
Website #6: Arturo Flores Aguiluz Library

Wilson Popenoe Library
El Valle del Zamorano
El Zamorano
Telephone: (504) 2287 2000 Ext. 2121
Website: Biblioteca Wilson Popenoe
Website #2: Wilson Popenoe Library

Museums[edit | edit source]

Archeology Museum of Comayagua
Plaza de San Francisco
Telephone: (504) 9593 9270/2772 0386
Website: Archeology Museum of Comayagua
Website #2: Regional Museum of Comayagua
Website #3: Comayagua Museum
Website #4: Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History of Comayagua
Website #5: Archaeological Museum of Comayagua
Website #6: Comayagua Museum

It is the only museum of Lenca culture in the world, which has a rich collection of polychrome ceramics of the Preclassic Period, composed of vessels, vases, pieces of jade, some of them from the 74 archaeological sites in the area, including Tenampua, Chircal, Ajuterique, Las Vegas, the Basin of El Cajón and Siguatepeque .

Museum of Anthropology and History
3 Avenida between 3 and 4 blocks NW
San Pedro Sula
Telephone: (504) 2557 1874/557 1496
Website: Museum of Anthropology and History
Website #2: Museum of Anthropology and History
Website #3: Museo de Antropología e Historia de San Pedro Sula
Website #4: Museum of Anthropology and History
Website #5: Museo de Antropología e Historia de San Pedro Sula

Public institution at the national service of society, which acquires, preserves, researches, communicates and exhibits for the purposes of study and education. It treasures in its exhibition halls the most transcendental archaeological collections in the cultural history of the city.

Museum for National Identity
Calle El Telegrafo
Telephone: (504) 2238 7412/2238 7395
Website: Museum for National Identity
Website #2: Museum for National Identity
Website #3: Museum for National Identity

Located in the heart of Tegucigalpa’s historical center, the Museum for National Identity summarizes the nation’s historical and cultural identity through its collection of art and artifacts from around Honduras. The exhibits, housed within a nineteenth century hospital that once served as the Palace of Ministries, begin with the geological formation of Honduras and continue through to the present day.

Regional Museum of Maya Archeology
Central Plaza
Copan Ruinas
Telephone: (504) 651 3829
Website: Museum of Maya Archeology
Website #2: Maya Archaeology Museum (Museo de Arqueologia Maya)
Website #3: Museo Regional de Arqueologia Maya
Website #4: Museo Regional de Arqueologia Maya

The Museum has an important collection of artifacts, stelae, altars, vessels, jade ornaments, and obsidian utensils from the ruins of Copán. Of singular importance is the tomb of the scribe that was found in Las Sepulturas, and a collection of eccentrics. As well as the Mayan Calendar and the portraits of the sixteen rulers of the Maya royal family.

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