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General History


1200 - 1300

The Eric's Chronicle claims that Birger Jarl (around the 1250's) founded Stockholm. Its foundation and growth are linked to the German trade expansion in the Baltic region. Trade houses in Lübeck opened branches in Stockholm during the 13th Century. In the 1280’s, a city government with a mayor and councilors was set up in Stockholm, following a German model.

1301 - 1400

The city statutes set up by Magnus Eriksson in 1350 stipulated that half of the city mayors and councilors should be of German descent and half of Swedish descent.

1401 - 1500

1501 - 1600

1601 - 1700

On May 7, 1697, a large part of the old castle in Stockholm burned to the ground. The majority of the records from the Middle Ages, which were stored at the castle, were destroyed.

1701 - 1800

1801 - 1900

1901 - 2000